First NameJohn
Middle Name
Other Surname/s
Date of Birth30/11/1870
Date of Death15/07/1953
CommentHusband of Elizabeth Gertrude Smith [Smythe] m.08/05/1896

Father of -
Mary Catherine b.18/02/1897
John Charles b.10/09/1898
Thomas b.07/02/1900
William Henry b.21/10/1901
Elizabeth Adelaide b.10/01/1904 d.23/12/1905
Joseph Cedric b.29/08/1905 d. 1947. married Olive Margaret Swanson.
Ursula 'Bub' Ivy b.01/03/1908

Cemetery details:
LocationNorth Central
Grave number214
Date of Birth30/11/1870
Place of BirthRockhampton, Qld
Date of Death15/07/1953
Date of Funeral16/07/1953
Age at death82 years
AddressThornton Station
CommentsDied from Coronary thrombosis
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