White, Allan Roland

Personal Details

First nameAllan
Middle nameRoland
Date of birth24/12/1924
Place of birthMuttaburra
Date of death29/04/2004
Age at death79 years


Son of Charles Thomas Frank White & Isobel Florence Kingston (daughter of Phoebe Little) m.09/08/1915

Brother of –
Albert Arthur b.14/11/1913 d.09/05/1972 Toowoomba
Florence Isobel b.26/04/1915
Thomas Frank b.04/05/1916 d.10/09/1951
Elsie Maud b.15/05/1919 d.20/05/1921
Harry b.31/12/1926

Husband of Shirley Valerie Joice m.12/01/1952

Father of –
Russell Allan b.03/11/1952
Gregory John b.16/03/1955
Leigh Judith b.26/09/1956
Lindsay Ralph b.22/10/1960

Died in Ipswich, Qld

School Records

Muttaburra State School
Start Date1930

Cemetery Record

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LocationNorth Central
Grave number207

Plaque on grave of Thomas Frank White (brother)