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A movement is on foot for the establishment of a State school, which is certainly required, as the young ones are beginning to muster thickly, already about twenty being under tuition. A petition has been forwarded to the member for the district for presentation to the Minister for Education, which we trust will meet with a satisfactory reply.

Brisbane Courier – Saturday 26 April 1879 – Page 7 of 8

Department of Public Instruction, Brisbane, 1st May, 1884.
HIS Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has been pleased to approve of the establishment of a State School at MUTTABUBRA;
to take effect from the 1st January, 1884.

 Government Gazette 1 May 1884

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Adsett, Michelle
Adsett, Tim
Allan, P Joseph
Baills, Luke
Bauer, Charles Thomas
Best, Janelle Laurelle
Bourke, Elsie Gwendoline Davidson
Brock, Ella Noon
28/03/1899 - Unknown
Broe, James Michael
Broom, Judith Ann
Brown, Ross
Cafferky, Edward James
Cairns, Mary
Carothers, John Charles
Chapman, Maurice
Chappell, William Henry
Childs, Roy
Clemesha, Daniel Wordsworth
23/06/1900 - Unknown
Collier, Norman Walter
Collins, Patrick
Colman, Gertrude Mary
Connolly, Helen Adelaide
Cooney, Francis John
Cowie, Thomas Bowman
Cross, Katrina
Dale, Reginald Thomas
Davis, Muriel Vivian
22/08/1891 - Unknown
Degnian, Gail
Diamond, William Richard
Ditton, Grace Ethel
Fielder, Cora
Foster, Howard William
Fox, William Thomas
Francis, Joan
Funk, Stanley William
Gall, John Stuart
Gifford, James Henry
Gray, Faylene
Gugenberger, Louis
Harrup, James Richard
Hatte, Emily Ilma
02/12/1906 - Unknown
Hay, Christopher
Hayes, Tracey
Haynes, Charles Lackey
05/06/1882 - Unknown
Healey, William Augustus
Hinson, William Cecil
26/04/1881 - Unknown
Holohan, Annie
Horn, Neville Raymond
Hulme, Penny
Jackson, Melissa