Cemetery Records

There are lots of sad stories within the Muttaburra region in relation to deaths, as the below newspaper stories state:
DISCOVERY of HUMAN Remains –The police at Tambo have telegraphed to the Commissioner of Police that a human skeleton has been found six miles from Muttaburra. There is nothing to lead to the identification of the remains.
[1882 ‘Warwick Hospital.’ Warwick Argus (Old.: 1879 – 1901), 15 July, p. 2., viewed 25 Mar 2016, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article75664470]

The mailman from Muttaburra to Hughenden reports having found a man dead, 10 miles from Cameron Downs. He is supposed to have died from thirst. There are 50 miles without water on this road.
[1882 ‘LATE CABLEGRAMS.’ The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW: 1843 – 1893), 12 December, p. 6., viewed 25 Mar 2016, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article863712]

We don’t know the total number of deaths and probably never will but we have tried to do our best.

This comprehensive database containing details of people who are buried in the Muttaburra Cemetery and known local property graves. There is a pictorial record available of all headstones.

Town of Muttaburra.
County of Cumberland, parish unnamed.
15 acres.

Commencing at a point bearing 245 degrees 8 minutes and distant seventy-seven chains and ninety-one links from the north -west corner of section 3, and bounded thence on the north-east by a line bearing 340 degrees fifteen chains; on the north-west by a line bearing 250 degrees ten chains; on the south-west by a line bearing 160 degrees fifteen chains; and on the south-east by a line bearing 70 degrees ten chains to the point of commencement.
Given under my Hand and Seal, at Government House, Brisbane, this twenty-sixth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five, and in the forty-ninth year of Her Majesty’s reign.
By Command,
[This is when the Cemetery that is in use today was gazetted by the government]

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744 Matching Records
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Adams, James
Unknown - 04/04/1920
Bush Graves
Adams, William
11/03/1912 - 06/04/1912
West Central
Ah Ching,
Unknown - 13/07/1889
Ah Chung,
Unknown - 29/06/1881
Old Cemetery
Ah Cum, Susannah Harriett
20/11/1885 - 05/03/1888
Ah Fong,
Unknown - 27/12/1893
Bush Graves
Ah Gow,
Unknown - 08/02/1903
Bush Graves
Ah Luk, Jemmy
Unknown - 01/11/1885
Bush Graves
Ah Quee, Eric William
Unknown - 19/10/1959
Ah Quee, James Henry
14/12/1881 - 26/01/1945
East Central
Ah Quee, James Rowland
03/04/1911 - 22/10/1990
South Western
Ah Quee, Queey Sang
Unknown - 18/05/1907
East Central
Ah Sue,
Unknown - 17/01/1903
Bush Graves
Ah Tie, Jimmy
Unknown - 15/01/1893
Ah Won, Tommy
Unknown - 13/04/1910
Bush Graves
Ah Young, Tommy
Unknown - 23/11/1894
Bush Graves
Ah Yun, Jimmy (Jimmy Ah Yan)
Unknown - 01/09/1906
Bush Graves
Ahern, Cecilia Louise
09/02/1964 - 25/12/1964
North Central
Ahern, Elizabeth Gertrude (Smith)
26/09/1870 - 27/05/1954
North Central
Ahern, John
30/11/1870 - 15/07/1953
North Central
Ahern, Mary Honorah
23/05/1884 - 21/02/1885
Old Cemetery
Alexander, Ronald Lindsay
04/08/1908 - 11/10/1947
Allanadale, Leofric John
28/04/1920 - 04/06/1991
South Western
Allen, Joseph Henry
Unknown - 01/02/1891
Bush Graves
Alston, Isaac
Unknown - 01/01/1901
Bush Graves
Anderson, Herbert John England
05/09/1895 - 13/07/1962
North Western
Anderson, John James
Unknown - 03/12/1883
Old Cemetery
Angell, Nell
Unknown - 10/12/1918
East Central
Arcus, Lawrence
Unknown - February 1893
Bush Graves
Armstrong, Charles
Unknown - 15/12/1894
Asps, Frederick
Unknown - 19/06/1891
Attewell, William
Unknown - 17/08/1902
Bush Graves
Badke, Alfred
Unknown - 03/12/1891
Bush Graves
Baglietto, Eugene
Unknown - 24/05/1910
Bailey, Abraham Arthur
17/03/1871 - 14/05/1913
Bailey, Annie Mary
15/06/1888 - 18/10/1898
Bailey, George
Unknown - 10/06/1910
East Central
Bailey, Lydia Mary
24/01/1887 - 18/02/1887
Bush Graves
Baldwin, George
27/08/1897 - 01/06/1889
Baldwyn, James
Unknown - 29/03/1898
Bush Graves
Ballard, Gary James
21/04/1965 - 27/05/2021
South Western
Ballard, John Kevin
08/10/1936 - 03/07/2022
South Western
Ballinger, Kenneth Hulton
26/09/1924 - 10/09/2017
South Western
Ballinger, Melda (Peg) Elaine (Glasson)
12/09/1922 - 25/07/2020
South Western
Ballinger, William 'Bill' Hulton
02/04/1950 - 26/12/2000
South Western
Bamberger, Louisa Elizabeth (Taylor)
10/04/1856 - 17/02/1890
Barkley, Charles
Unknown - 03/05/1870
Bush Graves
Barrett, Walter James
Unknown - 15/04/1948
North Eastern
Barron, Milton Lewis
Unknown - 08/06/1969
North Western
Barrow, John
Unknown - 13/08/1893
Bush Graves