Hospital Staff

The first doctor was Dr. Overend from Melbourne and Mr Lawry was the first Wardsman. Of interest, this Hospital was opened four years before the one in Barcaldine and ten years before Longreach. By 1901, the Muttaburra Hospital was equipped with one of the earliest x-ray units to be installed in any country hospital. Under the guidance of Dr. Arratta, the Operating Theatre was built in 1933 and still stands today.

List of Doctors who worked at the Muttaburra Hospital

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Ah Quee, James Roland
01/02/1946 - Unknown
Ahern, Ann (Davidson)
Anderson, Lorraine Kaye (Wearmouth)
19/07/1952 - Unknown
Arratta, Joseph Andrew
28/01/1899 - Unknown
Brockway, Archibald Birt
01/01/1862 - 14/10/1943
Clemesha, Danniel
Coningham, Walter James
Daley, Lois Gertrude (nee Rea)
De Garis, Mary Clementina
1881 - 1963
Deedman, Mim
Delahunty, Kath (McHugh)
Dickson, Shirley (McMullen/Beatty)
Dolman, Edgat Wynne Fox
Drain, Roma
Fawckner, Dennise (May-Steer)
Graham, Agness Elizabeth Ray (East)
3/08/1932 - 8/01/2017
Grant, Lois
Greville, Patsy
Harris, Henry Louis
Harvey, Christine
Jack, Amy Priscilla (Thomas)
01/01/1844 - 17/09/1938
Jackwitz, Jan
Jones, Marie (Jackson)
Kemp, Richard
Langdon, Gwendolyn (Davies)
Lavarack, Muriel Alice (Jones)
05/02/1885 - 30/06/1955
Logan, Wendy (Thomas)
Lonergan, Lillian Agnes (Stafford)
Lowrie, Mrs
Lowrie, Robert
MacRoberts, William K
Unknown - 22/05/1896
McGovern, Claire
McMurray, W
Morice, Robert James
Mullins, Peta
Overend, Ernest Knight
Pearson MD, G
Pearson, Mrs
Pearson, Thos
Poole, Patricia (Heatherington)
Sargent, Richard Baggley
Unknown - 05/03/1888
Spence, Jenny (Moore)
Sutton, Charles P
Templeton, Jean
Tozer, George Charles
Unknown - 23/12/1899
Vincent, Maree
Weir, Betty (Humphries)
07/11/1937 - 27/12/2015