Cameron, Amy

Personal Details

First nameAmy
Date of death15 April 1885
Place of deathMuttaburra
Age at death16 days
Cause of death

Convulsions for 4 days
Dr Overend was doctor at Muttaburra at this time.


Amy was the daughter of William Cameron, horsebreaker, and Emma [Ema] Agtha Alexander

William and Emma’s children:
Year First name(s) Reg#
1885 Amy C5786
1886 William C25
1887 Ethel Ada C50
1889 James Kenneth C3
1893 John C178
1894 Donald Henry C11
1894 Jane C12
1895 Elizabeth C80
1896 Robert Ronald C102

Cemetery Record

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LocationOld Cemetery
Date of funeral15 April 1885

Amy was buried in the Muttaburra Cemetery by Charles Clayton with her father William and Charles Clayton as witnesses. She was 16 days old.

Her death was registered in Winton by R W Moran on the 18 May 1885.