Langdon, Archibald [Archie]

Personal Details

First nameArchibald [Archie]
Date of birth15/02/1918
Place of birthRockhampton
Date of death01/08/2003
Place of deathCleveland [Brisbane] Queensland


Archibald was the son of Mary Jane Flanigan [1918/C/2774] and it is believed at the age of 21 he changed his surname to Langdon. Mary Flanigan was born in Aramac on the 16 February 1883 and prior to Archibald’s lived in Mount Morgan.

Archibald changed his name by a Deed Poll registered in the Supreme Court of Queensland at Brisbane on the 31st August, 1939 from PERCY FLANIGAN to ARCHIBALD LANGDON. [He was aged 21 years old.] [This is noted on his Birth Certificate]

Archibald married Joyce Mary Moore on the 19th April, 1944. [ After their 3 children grew up,they divorced.)
My late Mother and Archibald had a daughter in 1969.

Archibald was enrolled at Muttaburra State School twice under the name Langdon.
[Source: Kathleen Coleman ]

School Records

Muttaburra State School
Start Date1923 and 1926