Healy, Arthur

Personal Details

First nameArthur
Date of birth1883
Place of birthMuttaburra
Date of death15 April 1885
Place of deathBangall Creek
Age at death1 year & 11 months
Cause of death

Croup for 4 days
Dr Overend was the doctor at Muttaburra at this time


Arthur was the son of William Healy, storekeeper, and Mary Teresa Boyle. [Qld Ref: C3266]

Mary Ann – 11 Nov 1881 was Arthur’s sister.
Mary Healy died from Enteric fever on 06/07/1885 and is buried at Bangall Creek.

Arthur’s birth registration – 1883 [C4899] Arthur Healey – Parents Michael & Mary Theresa Boyle

Cemetery Record

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LocationOld Cemetery
Date of funeral16 April 1885

Arthur was buried in the Muttaburra Cemetery by Charles Clayton with his father William and Thomas J Burke as witnesses.