Goldstiver, Ernest John

Personal Details

First nameErnest
Middle nameJohn
Date of birth09/09/1884
Place of birthBowen
Date of death31/12/1884
Place of deathMuttaburra
Age at death3 months, 21 days
Cause of death

Teething and weakness


[Ref:1884/005305 & 1884/003242]
Son of Ernest & Catherine Haigen (Kate Haigen or Catherine Hogan) [m.28/03/1880]

Brother of –
Harriet [b.1/09/1881]
Catherine [b.28/03/1883 d.19/07/1883]
Henry Arthur [b.17/11/1885]
Arthur [b.4/01/1887 d.7/01/1900]
Mary Ann [b.21/11/1888 d.7/07/1889]
Ernest [b.22/01/1891 d.28/03/1910]
Richard [b.12/07/1893]
Cecil [b.18/09/1895]
Clara [b.27/11/1897]

Cemetery Record

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LocationOld Cemetery
Date of funeral31/12/1884

Died of Thirst/Teething

His death was registered in Winton by N F Lewis on the 27 January 1885.
John was buried in the Muttaburra cemetery by Alex McConeshie, with T Murray and H Bingham as witnesses.
The family had only been in Queensland for about 3 months.