Lloyd, Jessie Mary

Personal Details

First nameJessie
Middle nameMary
Date of birth20/03/1874
Place of birthBowen, Qld
Date of death20/09/1885
Age at death11 years


Second daughter of Richard Carre Lloyd & Isabella Smith [m.11/07/1871]

Sister of –
Nina [b.1/07/1880]
Marjory [b.11/08/1883]
Llewellyn [b.25/11/1886 d.27/11/1886]
Owen [b.29/03/1888]
Ada [b.29/03/1888 d.14/08/1913]
Brian [b.29/05/1891]
Russell [b.12/05/1896]

Cemetery Record

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Cemetery'No Name Creek' at Ambo - Mt Cornish
LocationBush Graves
AddressBlue Gate, Muttaburra

Died from Camp fire burns

Her parents ran “Blue Gate Dairy” just north of the Muttaburra Township.

At the time of the tragedy Jessie was only 11 years of age and her father was working as a teamster between Bowen and Muttaburra. During the off season (wet season) the Lloyds were employed by Mr Roland Edkins on the Mount Cornish Run.

An extract from the Journal of Mrs Edwina Edkins who lived at Mt Cornish from 1872 until 1905 tells of – ‘the very sad incident’ –
“Mr Richard Lloyd one of Mr. Edkins’ contractors for fencing was camped out with his family on the Ambo outstation, west of the Thomson River. One of his little girls was badly burned by their campfire and the poor mother knowing that she was in great danger, sent to Mr Edkins for help. Harriet, her eldest daughter, then 13 years of age and quite a girl, jumped onto a horse with a man’s saddle and rode at a great pace reaching Mount Cornish homestead on Sunday afternoon. After hearing her sad story Mr Edkins made all haste with buggy and horses but alas! When he reached the camp, little Jessie was already dead.”

“Harriet Lloyd was known in the district as a brave girl – she on one occasion swam the river with the mail in a heavy flood when men were afraid to face it.”

This lonely gravesite out on the western downs country, miles from any habitation personifies the courage and fortitude shown by the early pioneers of the outback – forging a new life in a daunting land.