Rouhan, Joseph (Rohan)

Personal Details

First nameJoseph
Other namesRohan
Date of birth01/01/1854
Place of birthIreland
Date of death29/04/1912
Cause of death



Joseph Rouhan was born in Ireland, and it was not known how long he had been in Australia. There was a Joseph Rouhan on the Qld Electoral Roll in 1884, at Farleigh, Mackay, though it may not be the same man.
He first appears on the Electoral Roll for this area in 1889, when he was working at Kensington Downs. He stayed there for at least 7 years, but in 1889 and 1900, he was enrolled at Brookwood.
In June1902, he was a station hand at Weewondilla, where he may have worked until 1909-1910, then he went to Brookwood for about 2 years before his death. It was mentioned after he died that Joe Rouhan had been in the Muttaburra district for about 23 years.
He was described, at the time of his death, as a feeble man in weak condition. It was thought that this may have contributed to his death, when he rode his horse into a waterhole for a drink – either the horse plunged and stunned or knocked him out, unseating him and causing him to drown, or he had a heart attack/failure and fell from the saddle into the water. Cause of death was recorded as drowning, and his body was interred on Brookwood by Constable Crane.
[Source:Alan and Judith McClymont <>]

Cemetery Record

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CemeteryWestern Creek - Brookwood
LocationBush Graves
AddressBrookwood Stn Muttaburra
OccupationBoundary Rider