Sing, Kum

Personal Details

First nameKum
Place of birthChina
Date of death26/01/1930
Age at death56 years


Kum Sing owned the garden at the edge of town. He grew lots of different vegetables and also had an orchard of oranges, lemons and mandarins. He also grew grapes and around New Years Day there was always a picnic at the Broadwater. For two shillings he would fill a kerosene tin full of grapes as his contribution towards the picnic.

His remains showed signs of his habit of smoking opium but I think everyone locally was aware of that. He had an assistant called Jimmy Joe [that was his name] and he used to hawk the produce around town with a horse and dray. I can remember my Father liked shallots and they were three-pence a bunch.

When he died he was buried in the local cemetery but was exhumed a couple of years later and his remains returned to his family in China.

Extracts from a letter from William P Egan
24th July 2000

Cemetery Record

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Grave number128
Date of funeral26/01/1930

Body exhumed and returned to China 14 Oct 1935