Langdon, Bridget (Leahey)

Personal Details

First nameBridget
Other namesLeahey
Place of birthBirr ,Kings County,Ireland
Date of death20/12/1925
Place of deathBrisbane


PARENTS: Mother: Maria Simmone, Father: William Leahey
BURIED: Brisbane General Cemetery now called Toowong Cemetery, Location: 15 – 15 – 35, Service date: 21/12/1925

CHILDREN OF BRIDGET LEAHEY: All five (5) children were classed as “ILLEGITIMATE” as Bridget was NOT married at the time of their births. [The Queensland Registry of Births , Deaths & Marriages’ website has THREE (3) BIRTH LISTINGS for each child.]

On the 24th May, 1906, William Henry Langdon (Snr) signed Declarations for each child stating that he had married Bridget LEAHEY on the 12th June, 1905 AND that “I AM DESIROUS OF HAVING THE BIRTH OF THE SAID CHILD REGISTERED AS THAT OF THE LAWFUL ISSUE OF MYSELF AND THE SAID BRIDGET LEAHEY”.

This was approximately eleven (11) months after he married Bridget LEAHEY AND approximately eighteen (18) months ( 11/2 years) AFTER the last child was born:

WILLIAM HENRY born 12/02/1895 – Died 20 June 1960
[William Henry LEAHEY [1895/C/35]
William Henry LANGDON [1895/C/35]
William Henry LANGDON [1906/C/62]]

CONSTANT MARION born 09/12/1897
[Constant Marion LEAHEY [1898/C/12]
Constant Marion LANGDON [1898/C/12]
Constant Marion LANGDON [1906/C/63]]

GEORGE JAMES born 10/09/1900
[George James LEAHEY [1900/C/152]
George James LANGDON [1900/C/152]
George James LANGDON [1906/C/64]]

HERBERT CONWAY born 05/10/1901
[Herbert Conway LEAHEY [1901/C/143]
Herbert Conway LANGDON [1901/C/143]
Herbert Conway LANGDON [1901/C/65]]

EDITH EVELYN born 22/12/1903
[Edith Evelyn LEAHEY [1904/C/19]
Edith Evelyn LANGDON [1904/C/19]
Edith Evelyn LANGDON [1906/C/66]]
[Source: Kathleen Coleman ]