Weir, Laura

Personal Details

First nameLaura
Date of birth1882
Place of birthMelbourne
Date of death1962
Place of deathVictoria


Laura WEIR was the forth female doctor, arriving in April 1912. Like her female predecessors at Muttaburra, she had been a very distinguished student at Melbourne University, and graduated in 1906. She was born in 1882, and her father was Professor William Graham Weir of Melbourne. Prior to her appointment to Muttaburra, Dr Weir was Medical Officer at Springsure for 4 years, and then went to Murat Bay in South Australia. She was in Muttaburra until June 1915, excepting a period of leave in October/November 1913. Later, in February 1917, she returned for another appointment in Muttaburra, again for 3 years, until March 1920. Altogether, over the 2 postings, she was Muttaburra’s Medical Officer for about 6 years. She had a restless time after she left Muttaburra the first time, taking up appointments in Maryborough, Ararat, Toowoomba, and then as the Medical Inspector of Schools with the Sydney Department of Education. After her second stint in Muttaburra, she went back to Victoria, then later to Alpha and Cooktown. Eventually she went back to Melbourne again. She died in Victoria in 1962.
[Source: Dr Arratta Museum]


Muttaburra Hospital
Start Date00/04/1912
Finish Date00/04/1921
PositionDoctor, Medical Officer