Scott, Leslie Vere

Personal Details

First nameLeslie
Middle nameVere
Date of birth03/07/1917
Place of birthMt Cornish Station
Date of death13/01/1921
Place of deathMuttaburra, Queensland
Age at death3 years 6 months


Son of Richard Thomas Scott & Florrie Jackson

Matter of Interest: In relation to the second name of Leslie Vere Scott, Vere may seem a strange name but there is a history behind that. The name Vere actually came from Lionel Verelst Seaton who was known as Vere Seaton. Leslie William Scott (1889-1978) the father of Richard Robert Leslie (Bob) Scott was good mates with Lionel Verelst (Vere) Seaton and they went off to the First World War together. When they went to war they said to my Dad’s father Richard Thomas Scott (the first 1885-1944) that if he had a son while they were at war he would have to name him after them. Then in 1917 the son was born and he was called Leslie Vere Scott. Lionel Verelst Seaton is listed in the War Records of the website. Vere Seaton was decorated and received the Military Medal. I did a tour to the Western Front in 2017 and think I actually found the Wood where Lionel Verelst Seaton received his Military Medal.
[Source: Leslie Scott ]

Cemetery Record

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LocationWest Central
Grave number1
AddressMt Cornish Station
Date of funeral13/01/1921

Died from Diptheria