Fitzgerald, Margaret Ann (Nelson/Wright/Hagger/Lopdell)

Personal Details

First nameMargaret
Middle nameAnn
Other namesNelson/Wright/Hagger/Lopdell
Place of birthOn a ship bound from Ireland
Date of death28/12/1886
Age at death49 years


Daughter of William John Nelson & Margaret Hazet

Wife of Jesse Wright m.12/08/1850
Mother of –
William c.15/06/1851 d.4/02/1916
Margaret Ann Wright [Weir] b.25/01/1854 d.14/03/1927

Wife of Charles Hagger d.23/03/1856 m.7/01/1856

Wife of Christopher Lopdell d.26/10/1869 m.1/04/1856
Mother of –
Henry b.16/10/1857
Christopher James b.3/10/1859
Mary Ann b.11/01/1862 d.14/04/1862
Richard b.29/11/1863
Mary Ann b.29/05/1867 d.7/01/1868
Frederick b.7/04/1869
Mary Ellen b.28/05/1871
Catherine Jane b.28/05/1871

Wife of John Charles Fitzgerald, wheelwright, m.28/09/1874 – died on 15 Feb 1881, aged 39 years of age, on Oondooroo Run, 11 miles from Winton, and is buried in the Winton Cemetery. Cause of death was sun stroke. He had been in Australia about 37 years coming from Newport, Monmouthshire, England.
Mother of –
Mary Elizabeth b.23/03/1877

Cemetery Record

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LocationEast Central
Grave number66
Date of funeral29/12/1886

1st interment
Died from Cancer of lung
2nd interment Margaret Ann Weir (daughter)