McBean, James E

Personal Details

First nameJames
Middle nameE
Place of birthScotland
Date of death13/01/1916
Place of death17 miles from Muttaburra on Hughenden Road
Age at death50 years [about]
Cause of death

Apparently died from thirst


Order of burial given by James Roberts JP Muttaburra.
Inquiry held at Muttaburra on 1st March 1916 by A E K Moreton JP.
Informants were Irvine P Fletcher Police Constable, Muttaburra and A E K Moreton JP., Muttaburra
Irvine Fletcher buried him with Jonathon [aboriginal] as the minister.

[Source: QLD BDM: Ref:1916/C20]

Cemetery Record

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CemeteryBuried 17 miles Muttaburra to Hughenden Rd
LocationBush Graves
Address17 miles on from Muttaburra on Hughenden Road
Date of funeral26/01/1916