Lewis, Thomas Warburton

Personal Details

First nameThomas
Middle nameWarburton
Date of birth07/04/1880
Date of death31/10/1883
Place of deathMuttaburra
Age at death3 years 6 months
Cause of death

Croup for four days


Thomas died after suffering from Croup for four days. The chemist, Henry Edward Woodruff, treated him last on the 30 October 1883. He was buried in the Old Muttaburra Cemetery on the 1 November 1883 by Charles Clayton with T Murray and John James Miller as witnesses.

[Ref:1880/004102 & 1883/002489]
Son of Thomas Lewis & Annie Granville Warburton [m.1/06/1876]

Brother of –
James Roland [b.30/08/1877]
Phoebe Annie [b.2/04/1882]
Ethel May [b.18/03/1885]
Ida Marion [b.26/10/1889]
Myra Morland [b.6/04/1892]
Boyd Benson [b.24/01/1895 d.30/04/1901]

Cemetery Record

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LocationOld Cemetery
Date of funeral01/11/1883