Lonergan, Lillian Agnes (Stafford)

Personal Details

First nameLillian Agnes
Other namesStafford



Muttaburra Hospital
Start Date16/8/1946
Finish Date27/9/1946

From “The Longreach Leader” newspaper:
26 July 1946 – Matron Lonergan of Blair Athol has been appointed Matron at Muttaburra hospital. Sister N Tickell has been appointed to the training staff and Miss P Dixon assistant in nursing.
16 August 1946 – Matron Lonergan arrived on Wednesday’s train and left on the mail car for Muttaburra, where she will take up duties at the hospital.
27 September 1946 – Matron Lonergan left Muttaburra for Longreach.
27 September 1946 – by air to Charleville: RR, L & D Richardson, and Matron Lonergan and infant (Muttaburra).

In the “Rockhampton Morning Bulletin” in May 1946, approval was given for her appointment as Matron at the Blair Athol hospital.
In February/March and May 1947 there is mention of her working in the Charleville area, and in June, Augathella (socially). In November 1947 she was mentioned in connection with Augathella, taking her son, Peter (!), to a holiday in Townsville with her sister.
August 1948, she was mentioned at Esk, from where she supposedly resigned in Sept 1948, but she was also there in May 1949, resigning in December 1950???
Aug 1951 –commenced duties at Boonah hospital, and still there in October 1953.