The Muttaburra Telephone Exchange licenses were gazette on: [National Archives – item # 905608]

  • Day Service License – 29 November 1912
  • Extended Services – 7 am to 10 pm – 29 November 1916
  • Continuous Service – 3 February 1920.

[Extract] The following tenders were received at the public offices yesterday: For the Muttaburra telegraph office – P. Wildman, 9 months, £985 10s.
[Source: The Brisbane Courier – Saturday 7 May 1881 – Page 5 of 8]

[Extract] The opening of a telegraph office at Muttaburra yesterday marks the completion of another link in the chain of communication with the western country. During the past few weeks lines have been opened from Cunnamulla to Eulo, Blackall to Isisford, Aramac to Muttaburra, and Charters Towers to Hughenden, thus pushing out the four parallel lines a considerable distance further into the interior. Queensland is well maintaining the prominent position she has always held in the matter of telegraphic communication, and considering the vast distances covered, and the numerous risks from fire, flood, and tempest, interruptions are of comparatively rare occurrence, and when they do arise are speedily repaired.
[Source: The Brisbane Courier – Tuesday 1 November 1881 – Page 2 of 4]

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