Water is a vitally important resource to the sustainability of life and Muttaburra is incredibly fortunate to be able to draw this important commodity from the Great Artesian Basin.

1901… The Muttaburra bore was completed to a depth of 2707 ft, and the flow was originally 990,000 gallons. James Brown was the contractor in charge of boring. This meant that water was laid on to the town and it was a wonderful convenience and comfort as prior to this water had to be carted in casks from the town dam.

1950… The bore was reconditioned and the flow was restricted to 220,000 gallons.

1975…Bore head was repaired and  free flows at 347,600 gals per day with a temp of 60c or 104f.

2013…Started digging the new bore on the 4th January 2013, and David Weir turned it on at 2.45pm on the 5th July 2013.