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County of Cumberland, parish and town of Muttaburra.
10 acres.
Commencing at the intersection of Devon and Sword streets, and bounded thence on the east by Devon street bearing north ten chains; on the north by Bruford street bearing west ten chains; on the west by a line bearing south ten chains; and on the south by Sword street bearing east ten chains to the point of commencement.
Given under my Hand and Seal, at Government House, Brisbane, this twelfth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two, and in the forty-sixth year of Her Majesty’s reign.
By Command,


[Gov Gazette 1882]

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Adams, Alfred
09/12/1913 - Unknown
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Harriett Maud
02/09/1910 - Unknown
Adams, Margaret
Ah Quee, Anthony
09/03/1943 - Unknown
Ah Quee, Arabella Vinica (Coulter)
17/12/1943 - Unknown
Ah Quee, Barbara
21/01/1946 - Unknown
Ah Quee, Carl James Henry
01/04/1909 - Unknown
Ah Quee, Colin
Ah Quee, Ella Constance
Ah Quee, Eric William
Unknown - 19/10/1959
Ah Quee, Fred
Ah Quee, Harold
Ah Quee, Henry
Ah Quee, I Henry
Ah Quee, James Henry
14/12/1881 - 26/01/1945
Ah Quee, James Roland
01/02/1946 - Unknown
Ah Quee, James Rowland
03/04/1911 - 22/10/1990
Ah Quee, Kenneth
04/10/1956 - Unknown
Ah Quee, Lesley
20/05/1961 - Unknown
Ah Quee, Martha Mulvinia
31/03/1885 - Unknown
Ah Quee, Phoebe
Ahern, Eileen Amelia
20/03/1907 - Unknown
Allan, Ann
Allan, Anthony
Allan, Mary
Allanadale, Lynne Amanda
Allanadale, Robert John
Allardice, Alexander Robert
28/11/1912 - Unknown
Allardice, Daisy Belle
01/04/1911 - Unknown
Allwood, Edward George
29/09/1907 - Unknown
Allwood, Gloria Estella
16/03/1922 - Unknown
Allwood, Ivy Louisa
24/10/1905 - Unknown
Allwood, Myrtle Ruth
13/08/1911 - Unknown
Allwood, Robert Francis
28/10/1909 - Unknown
Andrews, Alfred
Andrews, Richard
Ankor, Evelyn
Ankor, Kalyn
Ankor, Lynton
Arnold, Steven
Atkinson, Noel Desmond
18/06/1918 - Unknown
Atkinson, Richard Bert
23/04/1920 - 29/04/2011
Bailey, Ada
15/10/1891 - Unknown
Bailey, Annie Mary
15/06/1888 - 18/10/1898
Bailey, Edward
20/08/1902 - Unknown
Bailey, Elizabeth [ Eliza
17/06/1893 - 22/03/1903
Bailey, George Henry
31/08/1895 - Unknown
Bailey, Kate
04/05/1897 - Unknown
Bailey, Lydia Deborah
27/03/1890 - Unknown