Neal, Dave

Personal Details

First nameDave
Date of death04/07/1912
Place of deathLandsborough River Muttaburra
Age at death48
Cause of death



13/07/1912 Western Champion….A middle-aged man named Dave Neal, a shearer, was seen on the bridge when the river was in flood but has not since been heard of. He had been drinking, and it is now surmised he committed suicide. The river has been dragged in the vicinity of the bridge, but without result, and it is intended to drag it again. Neal is supposed to have been an owner of racehorses in Sydney at one time.”

Western Champion 27/07/1912…”The police again made a search for Dave Neal who is supposed to have committed suicide, but without result, and it seems unlikely that any trace of him will be found until the river falls considerably. Dave Neal was a good shearer, and at one time followed horse racing in the country districts of New South Wales and Victoria.”

Cairns Post 01/08/1912 – Maskey, Clemville…”BODY FOUND. Muttaburra. Wednesday – Whilst Bruce Maskey was mustering some stragglers on Clemenville about 3 miles down the river, he noticed something like a head and arm sticking out of the water. He found the body of Dave Neal who is supposed to have committed suicide about a month ago. The body had got caught on the stump of a tree.”

Western Champion 17/08/1912“The evidence elicited at the inquiry tended to show that both Dave Neal and GH Jones committed suicide.”

Records from the Aramac Register have listed that Dave Neal was buried at the Landsborough River near Muttaburra.

Cemetery Record

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CemeteryBuried near the Landsborough River Muttaburra
LocationBush Graves