Klugh, Charles Reader

Personal Details

First nameCharles
Middle nameReader
Date of death23/12/1910


Charles was the husband of Sarah Kingdom. They married on the 1st December 1880 [Ref: 1880/007111].

He was the father of Sarah Kingdom Klugh [Ref: 1881/003988]

Klugh Charles Reader was a General Merchant and Wine and Spirit Merchant. (Examined in Longreach) Administration of law regulating the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors in Queensland 1901/v.3 373-379

Manager for Paxton & Co. and Agent for the Australasian United Steamship Navigation Company in Mackay Pacific Islanders 1906/v.2 631-632

The Western Champion Wednesday 19 December 1883
New Extension.- We notice that Messrs. Klugh & Samuels, general storekeepers, of Muttaburra, are opening a branch or their business at the new township of Forest Grove. The firm are erecting a large and commodious store there, and several teams are already en route with goods.
[Source: The Western Champion. (1883, December 19). The Western Champion (Blackall/Barcaldine, Qld.: 1879 – 1891), p. 2. Retrieved November 13, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article77213955]

The Western Champion Tuesday 4 October 1887
Mr. Samuels, of the firm of Klugh & Samuels, storekeepers, has left us for Sydney. For the future Mr. Klugh will be sole proprietor of the concern. May his shadow never grow less.
[Source: Muttaburra Mems. (1887, October 4). The Western Champion (Blackall/Barcaldine, Qld. : 1879 – 1891), p. 2. Retrieved November 13, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article79730354]

The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts
Tuesday 14 November 1893
KLUGH & SAMUELS, of Muttaburra, are making a fresh rule with regard to store accounts. Five days after the first of the month is to be the limit for payment of store bills.
[Source: Mixed Items from Various Sources. (1893, November 14). The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts (Barcaldine, Qld.: 1892 – 1922), p. 7. Retrieved November 9, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article77219746]

The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts
Tuesday 9 October 1894
We seem to be gradually losing all our townspeople. On Saturday, 29th September, all hands in town gathered up in force to send off our old townsman, Mr. Klugh. The event took place at Clemesha’s Mount Cornish Hotel. Dr. Lindsay was voted to the chair, and, after reading letters of apology from Messrs. S.P. Fraser, W.H.L. Thornton, J.R. Scott, C.J. Cory and several other country gentlemen, who expressed their inability to attend on account of prior business, the fun started by the health of the Queen being drunk in a very solemn manner. The Chairman in a few well chosen words explained the reason they had all met that evening, namely, to bid farewell to Mr. Klugh. He touched lightly on Mr. Klugh’s good qualities as a townsman during his (the Chairman’s) stay in Muttaburra, and he felt sure that everybody in the room was of the same opinion as himself, that in losing Mr. Klugh they were losing one of their best townsmen. The Chairman here made somewhat of an apology for himself, saying that as he was quite a new arrival in the town, he would call on some gentleman to help him along, and named Mr. de Robaulx, who responded and briefly spoke on the subject, testifying to Mr. Klugh’s good qualities as an employer. He then called on the company to charge their glasses and drink to Mr. Klugh health, and future prosperity. The toast was drank with musical honors.
Mr. Klugh thanked the whole of the company for the kind way in which they were treating him, and had no idea that anything was being got up for him; in fact the whole thing was a great surprise. He spoke of the present stagnation in business in Muttaburra and future prospects, which he thought were not so black as they looked, and he felt confident that if the Government threw open the land for selection, Muttaburra would boom again. He spoke of his departure with sorrow, in fact he assured the gentlemen that a couple of years ago he thought he had made his home here for life; but circumstances over which he had no control compelled him to leave them. He would like to say a great deal more, but he felt sure the gentlemen would excuse him, as at present it was a sore subject with him, but that where ever he might be Muttaburra and its people would always have a warm spot in his heart. (Loud applause.)
Mr. W. Healey also spoke for a short time, and proposed “The Pastoral Industry,” coupled with the names of Messrs. Collins and Cooper. Both these gentlemen responded in an able manner. The “Civil Service” was next proposed, and duly responded to by Mr. Norris. Mr. Coleman also spoke on this subject. The Chairman proposed “The Ladies,” coupled with the name of Mrs. Klugh, which was drank with musical honors and much applause. Mr. Geo. Norris and several other gentlemen spoke about the ladies and the good work done by them, especially by the lady we are losing. Mr. Klugh ably responded on behalf of Mrs. Klugh, while Mr. Joe Beresford spoke on behalf of the Muttaburra ladies, and pronounced them all to be 18 carat. By this time things had got pretty merry up our end of the table, and, although several other toasts were duly proposed and drank, I am sorry to say I forgot all about them. All I can remember is that we broke up all very jolly some time before midnight singing “Auld Lang Syne.” I am sure Mr. Klugh and a good many of us will remember the send off for some time. I might also mention that Mr. Klugh was presented with a handsome buggy and harness prior to his departure, which took place on the 1st October.
[Source: Muttaburra Matters. (1894, October 9). The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts (Barcaldine, Qld.: 1892 – 1922), p. 7. Retrieved November 9, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article79734601]

The Northern Miner Tuesday 20 September 1910
MACKAY, September 19.
The death occurred to-night, after three days’ illness, of the wife of Mr. C. R. Klugh, late of Muttaburra and Longreach, but for the past eight years manager for Paxton and Co., Mackay. The deceased was very popular, and took a practical interest in philanthropic work, especially hospital work.
[Source: TELEGRAMS. (1910, September 20). The Northern Miner (Charters Towers, Qld.: 1874 – 1954), p. 4. Retrieved November 20, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article80265765The Northern Miner Friday 11 November 1910]

Muttaburra Notes.
(For the “N. Q. Register.”)
MUTTABURRA, November 8.
Mr. C. K. Klugh, who has been connected with the firm of Klugh and Samuels, general merchants for 36 years, and the management of which has been in the hands of Mr. L. de Robaulx since 1893, arrived in town per motor car last Sunday on business. He has been managing W. H. Paxton and Co. Limited, general store in Mackay for some time, and on account of ill health, and the loss of Mrs. Klugh recently, which he feels very much, he intends taking a trip to England, and visit his native city, London.
[Source: Muttaburra Notes. (1910, November 11). The Northern Miner (Charters Towers, Qld.: 1874 – 1954), p. 6. Retrieved November 20, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article80271020]

The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts Saturday 31 December 1910
Death of Mr. C. R. Klugh.
SATURDAY’S issue of the Mackay Mercury says: The public will be shocked to learn that one of the most prominent of our public men, Alderman C. R. Klugh, manager of W. H. Paxton and Co., died last night. The deceased gentleman did not go to his office yesterday owing to indisposition resulting from the oppressive weather that has prevailed for several days, and becoming worse during the day Dr. Williams was summoned about 4 o’clock. He continued to grow worse, and expired at 10 o’clock last night.
About nine months ago the late Mr. Klugh suffered from a seizure which compelled him to take a prolonged holiday in the south, and while the change benefited him considerably, he continued very weak after his return, though fully able to perform his ordinary duties. The death of his devoted wife a few weeks ago after a brief illness no doubt added to his troubles. Mr. Klugh was a colonist of nearly 40 years, during which he was engaged in pastoral and commercial pursuits. He spent many years in Central Queensland, and eight years ago came to Mackay as Manager for W. H. Paxton and Co., the well known shipping agents and merchants. He was a first-rate citizen as well as a keen business man, and filled with credit to himself and benefit to the town the responsible offices of Mayor, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Hospital. The latter position he resigned a few weeks ago, owing to his health, but both Mr. and Mrs. Klugh will long be remembered in connection with their interest in that institution. Although his health of late was indifferent he did not allow this to interfere with his work, and it might be said he died in harness. The town is poorer to-day by his death.
Mr. Klugh years ago was head of the firm of Klugh & Samuels at Muttaburra and Longreach. He took a leading position in sport, hospital and Shire Council matters, and everyone who knew him will regret to learn of his demise.
Our Longreach correspondent writes
The news of the death of Mr. C.R. Klugh was received here with regret. Mr. Klugh took a great interest in public affairs in Longreach while he resided here. He was chairman of the Jockey Club, Show committees, acted as secretary to the Meteor Masonic Lodge, and took a very active part in getting the severance of the Shire from Aramac. He sat as a member for No. 1 on the Divisional Board as it was after severance.
[Source: Death of Mr. C. R. Klugh. (1910, December 31). The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts (Barcaldine, Qld.: 1892 – 1922), p. 11. Retrieved November 9, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article75679682]

The Northern Miner Tuesday 8 August 1911
Since the death of Mr. C.R. Klugh, of Klugh and Samuels, storekeepers here, Mr. L. de Robaulx has carried on the business for the trustees, and that gentleman has now bought the business and purposes carrying it on under the old name.
[Source: MUTTABURRA NOTES. (1911, August 8). The Northern Miner (Charters Towers, Qld.: 1874 – 1954), p. 6. Retrieved November 14, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article80357618]


Muttaburra Jockey Club
Business contact year1891
RoleMuttaburra Jockey Club Treasurer
Business categoryHistoric Community
Hospital Committee
Business contact year1885
RoleHospital Committee
Business categoryHistoric Community
Business contact year1883
Business categoryHistoric Retail
School of Arts
Business contact year1891
Business categoryHistoric Community

C R Klugh was also on the Hospital Committee in 1885 and the Muttaburra Jockey Club Treasurer in 1891

1891 - School of Arts President

Justice of the Peace
Business contact year1885 - 1891
RoleJustice of the Peace
Business categoryHistoric Justice