Cocking, Cyril George

Personal Details

First nameCyril
Middle nameGeorge
Date of birth12/08/1927
Place of birthMuttaburra
Date of death18/05/2008
Age at death80 years


Son of John Henry & Margaret May Morris m.10/05/1908

Brother of –
John ‘Jack’ Henry
Mary ‘Molly’ Margaret [Gilbar]
Florence ‘Doodie’ Ethel [Bullen]
Joan [Chapman]
Ruby May [Bianchi]
Doris ‘Maude’ [Stafford]
William ‘Bill’ Charles

School Records

Muttaburra State School
Start Date1933

Cemetery Record

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LocationSouth Central
Grave number345
AddressBridge Street, Muttaburra
OccupationRetired Stockman
Date of funeral21/05/2008
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“Cyril was born on 12 August 1927 in Muttaburra, being the youngest of 8 children to John Henry ‘Jack’ Cocking & Margaret May Morris.

He received minimum education and was a good little sportsman. He was a very fast runner and won all his races to the point where they would handicap him and he would still win! He was also a great footballer but was too small and was always getting hurt and spent quite a few nights in hospital with concussion.

When he was a young boy they used to have goat races here. Cyril had a white billy goat called “Fleetwin” – he won so many races with him that someone said as a joke one day that the goat must have been doped to make him go so fast. Cyril was on the defensive and said the only thing the goat had eaten was a ‘hot peppermint lolly’!

As a teenager he had kangaroo dogs and would go out catching and skinning roos before breakfast, returning home around lunch time. His mother would put lunch out for him but he would not eat it until he had his breakfast first, so he would have breakfast followed by lunch all in one meal.

In his early 20’s he was still small enough to be a jockey and was a very good horseman. He was in the pub one day and well on the way to being tipsy, when a grazier came in with a buck jumping racehorse that no one could ride. He asked Cyril to ride him and he won 2 races in 2 days without falling off. He made sure he didn’t have as much to drink the second day though because the horse gave him quite a ride the first day!

He was a tough little buggar and one time he went to Birricannia with his nephew Bill to shear some stragglers. Bill managed to get a good handpiece but Cyril’s was not so good and the whole palm of his hand got blisters from the heat of it, but he would not give up and shore all day until knock off time. He was a good shearer, not fast but clean.

He also loved to dance and would go to all the dances – he was a beautiful waltzer.

Cyril never married. He spent most of his life in Muttaburra until he became ill and moved to Aramac hospital in August 2005 where he passed away last Sunday 18 May 2008.

His favourite song was ‘Blue Moon’.”

– Eulogy
read at Graveside Service by Fr Alan Lamb

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