Weir, Emily Maria

Personal Details

First nameEmily
Middle nameMaria
Date of birth16/04/1873
Date of death01/10/1961


Daughter of Thomas Weir & Margaret Ann Wright m.29/01/1872

Sister of –
Mary Anne Wright/Weir b.30/08/1869 d.11/01/1962
William Henry Weir b.20/07/1875 d.19/09/1875 Clermont
Henry George Weir b.07/05/1877 d.02/01/1926 buried Jericho

Half sister of –
Sarah Ann Morris [Watson] b.20/04/1880
Margaret Elizabeth Weir b.29/07/1881 d.02/01/1883
George Edward Weir b.01/09/1882 d.12/12/1882
Margaret May Weir/Morris [Cocking] b.24/05/1908
Charles William Morris/Wright b.18/01/1888
Margaret Wright b.17/12/1888 d.26/03/1889
Percy Edward Wright/Weir/Morris b.22/11/1890 d.18/09/1973
George Thomas William Morris/Weir b.09/05/1893
(Father of above children George Morris)

Mother of –
Richard Bert Weir/Atkinson b.01/02/1892 d.09/02/1969 Emerald
Will Weir/Colman b.08/02/1894 d.08/02/1894
Dorris Barcoorah Weir [Sheppard/Thompson] b.11/04/1900 d.18/09/1985 buried Bundaberg Lawn Cemetery
Arthur Charles Weir b.09/09/1902 d.29/12/1980

Photo – Dorris & her first husband Israel, Richard, Arthur and Emily – believed to be taken in 1920 after Richard had returned from World War I

[Photo courtesy of Karen Andrews nee Weir, great-granddaughter]

Emily died in Gin Gin Headstone Photo

[Photo courtesy of William Weir, grandson]