White, George Henry

Personal Details

First nameGeorge
Middle nameHenry
Place of birthClermont, Qld
Date of death06/11/1894
Age at death18 years


Son of Thomas White, carrier & Ann Redmond

Cemetery Record

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Grave number69
Date of funeral07/11/1894

Died from Fall from horse.

One of the saddest accidents that has happened for years took place here last Sunday week, the 7th inst. Master George White, second son of our old townsman Mr. Thomas White, borrowed a horse from Mr. E. Manning to run up his own horses with. After the lad bad ridden the horse for some time, through some unaccountable reason he began to buck, and White thought the wisest thing to do would be to take the animal back. He did so, and managed to stick to him all right until he entered Manning’s yard. The gate of the yard being partly closed, the horse swerved on one side, and White fell, striking the back of his neck on one of the posts. A crowd quickly gathered, and the lad endeavored to raise himself, but found that he had lost all command over his body. Willing hands soon carried the poor lad home to his parents, and everything was done for him that could be done until the Doctor’s arrival, which did not take place for a couple of days, as he had been called to Bowen Downs on a very serious case. It was thought by the majority of people that the lad’s hurt was only slight, but the Doctor pronounced the case a very bad one, the spinal cord being injured, also the spine. The Doctor per formed an operation on the lad at the beginning of the week, but it was not a success.
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I am sorry to have to record the death of young Georgc White, which took place on the 6th inst. As I told you in my last there were no hopes for the poor lad from the first. He was buried the following day at 5 o’clock, and had one of the largest funerals I have seen since up here. The poor lad had many friends, some of whom sent some very pretty wreaths of flowers. I noticed a nice wreath that came from Mount Cornish, sent by Mrs. E. R. Edkins, also a lovely wreath of wild flowers from Mrs. Craven, a pretty cross of flowers from Mr. E. Lake, and a wreath from Mr. T. Hall, and some flowers from the School children. Mr. C. Craven read the burial service.
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