Anderson, John James

Personal Details

First nameJohn
Middle nameJames
Date of death03/12/1883
Age at death27 years
Cause of death

Suicide by Strychnine


Son of John Anderson & Sarah Maria Flanaghan

Husband of Margaret Banks m.08/12/1881 in Blackall, when he was 25 years old.
Father of William Alfred b.03/10/1882

The following is an extract from the Western Champion Newspaper, 19 Dec 1883

The Muttaburra Suicide – We published a brief telegram in our last issue stating that Mr John Anderson, who was formerly employed in Blackall, and who will doubtless be remembered as a quiet, honest fellow, had committed suicide at Muttaburra. The following particulars are taken from the Aramac Mail – “We regret to say the Mr John Anderson, who has recently taken over the Co-operative Butchering Company’s business at Muttaburra, died suddenly on Monday evening under circumstances that leave hardly room for doubting that he committed suicide. During the day, he was reserved and he kept aloof from his family, taking his meals at the Landsborough Hotel instead of at home. During the day he purchased some strychnine from the chemist, saying that he required it to poison some cats that annoyed him at the butcher’s shop. He, however, attended to his business, and killed and dressed the meat that would be required the next day. He also collected the month’s accounts and paid such bills as he owed. Shortly after tea at the Landsborough Hotel he was observed to be in what was at first thought a fit. Symptoms of strychnine poisoning, however, soon manifested themselves. Mr McIntosh then sent for Mr Wragge, and also administered an emetic. The remedy, unfortunately, was of no avail, and after a few convulsive seizures he expired. Previous to his death his wife and child were brought down to him. He kissed his wife, but refused to kiss the child, saying that he had taken poison, and would not pollute its young lips. We understand that he also left a paper to the effect that he intended to make away with himself.” We hear privately that the business purchased by deceased not coming up to expectations had weighed heavily upon his mind, and doubtless caused him to commit the rash act which resulted in death.

– Supplied by Judith McClymont

Cemetery Record

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LocationOld Cemetery
Date of funeral4/12/1883

Wraggy the chemist attended him on 3 December 1885
William was buried by Charles Clayton in the Muttaburra Cemetery with Thomas Murray and James Miller as witnesses.
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