Thomson, John Clarke

Personal Details

First nameJohn
Middle nameClarke
Place of birthVictoria
Date of death05/11/1893
Age at death29 years


Son of John Barry Thomson & Jane Miller born in Kyneton, Victoria

Brother of James Huntley Thomson d.31/10/1891 Muttaburra

Cemetery Record

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Grave number70

The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts Tuesday 14 November 1893
Mr. Thompson’s Death.
Further particulars concerning the fatal accident to Mr. J. C. Thompson are for warded from Muttaburra. On Saturday morning (the 4th inst.) Mr. Thompson left home at an early hour to muster horses, intending to leave for Barcaldine next day. His overseer, Mr. Hardie, after assisting him to put together some of the horses, drove, at Mr. Thompson’s request, into Muttaburra, and there was no one left at home. On the overseer’s return in the evening he felt surprised that Mr. Thompson was not there, but thought that he might have gone to see one of his neighbors. Next morning Mr. Thompson’s horse turned up riderless. Mr. Hardie then became alarmed, and after having made a careful search for any trace of Mr. Thompson for five or six hours without effect, he galloped into Muttaburra for assistance, which was willingly given. Mr. McCaig found the body of Mr. Thompson about a mile away from the house, and fetched the doctor, who was one of the party, and who immediately pronounced life to be extinct. It is supposed that his horse fell and rolled upon him, as there are few marks on the body. He was found at 4 o’clock on Sunday after noon, and buried at 4 o’clock on Monday. Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay, Mr. and Miss Edkins, Miss McCartney, of Waverney, and a few of Mr. Thompson’s friends were present at the funeral, and very many who would have liked to show their respect for the deceased were unable to attend, owing to the shortness of the notice. Two beautiful crosses, composed entirely of white flowers, were laid upon the coffin, and Mr. Thompson’s initials in white flowers on the outside of the grave, also a large floral cross presented by Mrs. Lindsay. The funeral service was read by the Police Magistrate, Mr. Craven, and many were deeply affected at the thought of a life so full of promise cut off at a time when life is so dear to all. He had only lately purchased the selection, but was very well known is the district, having resided out west for many years, and has left a large circle of friends, in whose memory his friendship will ever be cherished. Much sympathy is felt for Mr. Thompson’s parents, who reside in Victoria, within two years they have lost three sons. A fine young fellow, James Thompson, died at Muttaburra only two years ago, and the two brothers now lie close together in the Muttaburra cemetery.
[Source: Mr. Thompson’s Death. (1893, November 14). The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts (Barcaldine, Qld.: 1892 – 1922), p. 5. Retrieved December 19, 2013, from]