Ahern, Mary Honorah

Personal Details

First nameMary
Middle nameHonorah
Date of birth23/05/1884
Place of birthHughenden
Date of death21/02/1885
Age at death9 months


[Ref:1884/000672 & 1885/003252]
Daughter of John Ahern & Mary Thynne [m.9/05/1883]
John was the Sub-Inspector of Police in Muttaburra.
Sister of –
Catherine Mary [b.1/05/1886]
Edward Denis [b.7/07/1888]
Elizabeth Geraldine [b.13/10/1890]
Ellen [b.24/02/1893]

Cemetery Record

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LocationOld Cemetery
Date of funeral21/02/1885

Deaths [Extracts]
AHERN -On the 21st February, at Muttaburra, of convulsions, Mary Hanord, only child of John and Mary Ahern, aged 8 months 3 weeks and 5 days.

[Note: The above extract has spelling errors, but it has been copied exactly as it appeared in the newspaper article]

[Source: Cite: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article3439783 – The Brisbane Courier – Friday 6 March 1885 – Page 1 of 8]