Cleg, Thomas

Personal Details

First nameThomas
Date of death29/10/1880
Place of deathMuttaburra Police Station
Age at death50 years
Cause of death

Suicide by cutting his own throat with knife.


Cemetery Record

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LocationOld Cemetery
Date of funeral30/10/1880

[Qld Ref: 1880/001406]
Thomas murdered John Henry Raynor at Murdering Dam – 10 Mile Acacia Dam – on the 7-8th October 1880 and then went to Bowen Downs where the Police caught up with him. He was in the lock-up in Muttaburra when he committed suicide with the knife given to him for his dinner, by cutting his throat.
[Look up John Henry Raynor for more information]

[Death Certificate: 1880/C1406]
ER Edkins held an inquest as to cause of death.
He was buried in the Muttaburra Cemetery on the 30 October by William Pattenden, with Alexander Couper and William Mullar as withnesses.