The first ancestor of the Dowling line was Jerome Edward Dowling who emigrated from Ireland in 1882.

His parents were John Dowling and Alicia Browne of County Cork. John Dowling was a shipping agent and his wife was reputed to be a millionairess, along with her brother. Her trustees defrauded her and there was nothing left. Alicia was very well educated and cultured and transmitted this love of culture to her family

a) Jerome Edward Dowling emigrated to Australia, see notes below
b) Frank Dowling (b.:d.) a doctor who married twice but had no children (he went blind) his second wife was May. He is remembered as a kind elderly man who was completely blind and would feel your face when you met him in order to get an impression of your appearance. Peter Morris his nephew.
c) Arthur Dowling (b.:d.1947), also a doctor, m. Mary Annie Neilsen (b.1870:d.1969).
i) John Harold (Jack) (b.1893:d.1956), m. Martha E Jenkinson (b.:d.1940)
– Arthur William (b.1934 slightly retarded and in a home
– John Joseph (b.1937 – whereabouts unknown
– Michael (b.1939) ex British Navy, m. Joanna Hillary Down (b.1942) and had the following children:
a) Adrian Michael (b.1963:d.), m. Kim Williams
b) Julian Peter (b.1965:d.), m. Hazel Carrick child Rebecca (b.1998)
c) Lindsey Jane (b.1968:d.), m. Andrew Marks children: Joshua (b.1995) and Hannah (b.1997)
d) Richard John (b.1977:d.), m. Michelle Webb (b.1978) child: Oliver (b.2004)
ii) Alice (b.1894:d.1895)
iii) Eileen (b.1898:d.1954) a doctor, m. Francis Morrin (b.1894:d.1969), a surgeon
Alice (b.1928:d.), m. Michael Smyth (b.1925:d.1984)
a) Paul (b.1958) a solicitor, m. M Cronin
– David & James (b.1986)
– Sophie (b.1987)
– Matthew (b.1991)
– Sybil (b.1993)
b) Sophie (b.1959) a lawyer in World Bank, Washington, m. D Fagelson
c) Stella (b. 1969) English Lecturer, Leicester University
d) Ivan (b.1971) a lawyer/economist working in English Foreign Office.
Peter (b1931:d) a retired Professor of Nephrology at Kingston University, Ontario, Canada, m. Mariella Coe
a) Peter (b.) a structural engineer, m. Donna
– Eric (b.1990)
– Austen (b.1993)
b) Hugh (b.) a flight test engineer with the Canadian Air Force, m. Sharon
– Hugh (b.1998)
– Madeleine (b.2000)
c) Robin (b.) Major & Pilot with Canadian Air Force (working on missiles), m. Ingrid
– Kate (b.2003)
– Alex (b.2005)
Francis (b.1936:d) an economist/barrister, retired University Lecturer
b) Bessie Dowling fiance killed in the War never married

It is not known why Jerome decided to come to Australia or whether he worked his passage the National Archives in Canberra show him as arriving on the Steamship Albany but his name does not appear on the manifest. The thought is that he was ambitious and may not have been as academic as his siblings. Furthermore he decided rather than attending University he wanted to see the world so more than likely with the help of his father’s connections his passage was arranged (this could explain why his name is not on the manifest). Rumor has it that he met a wealthy Jew on the ship out and they went into business together remaining life long friends.

There is also another story that he was in love with the girl next door, went to Australia, married, was widowed and returned to Ireland and married the daughter.

Francis Edward Dowling (b.22/4/1860 Sundays Well, County Cork, Ireland:d.21/1/1937, Summer Hill, Sydney), m (1) 30/4/1887, Register General’s Office, Sydney, Minnie Louise Rogers (b.1869, County Cork, Ireland:d.13/5/1924, Summer Hill, Sydney), m(2) 9/12/1925, Hackney, London, Lily Mary Barry (b.1881, County Cork, Ireland:d.21/1/1957) no children

Note: Minnie Rogers came out to Australia on the same ship the ‘Albany‘, which departed Plymouth 1/10/1882 and landed Cooktown 4/12/1882 then Brisbane 6/12/1882. She appears to have traveled with her sisters Louisa – 21 years, Alice 15 years, and Minnie 13 years (the manifest also has a Charles Rogers 12 years, but he is not grouped with the girls so unsure if he is related). Their mother was also on the same ship under the name of Isabel Dillon (45 years) and the manifest shows that Minnie was left with her mother (no mention of name)

Note: I know that Isabel (actually Isabelle) is Minnie’s mother because her consent was given for the marriage to Frank Dowling. Her maiden name is shown on the wedding certificate as Freeman so I am not sure how it all worked at that time.

It appears that Minnie’s father, John Rogers did not accompany them. They all came on Assisted passages, Assisted passages were granted by the Government to particular categories of Immigrants, and their families, which were, form time to time, particularly required in Queensland. The categories include farmers, farm labourers, vine dressers, labourers, mechanics and domestic servants. To be eligible they had to be unable to pay the full passage, they could not have resided previously in any Australian Colony, and they must intend to reside permanently in Queensland.

1. Jerome Edward Dowling and Minnie Louise Rogers, m. 30/4/1887

a) Eileen Minnie (b.6/3/1888:d.1/6/1974 Wahroonga), m. 12/8/1908, Ashfield, Horace Henry Bingham (Dentist)
– Horace, b.1909
– Francis, b. 1910
– Eileen, b. 1913
– Reginald, b. 1914
– Stanley, b. 1917
– Geoffrey, b. 1919
– Merle, b. 1920
– Norma, b. 1922
– Valda, b. 1924
b) Francis Edward (b.14/7/1889 Ashfield, Sydney:d.3/7/1972 Darlinghurst, Sydney), m(1) 15/10/1915, Chatswood, Sydney, Alice Caroline Cross (b.4/2/1896 Strathmore, Northern N.S.W:d.25/8/1959, Crows Nest, Sydney), m(2) Alma Margaret Lillyman, 1970 no children
c) Jerome Browne (b.14/12/1891, Forest Lodge, Sydney:d.15/7/1961, Darlinghurst), m.21/1/1914, Sydney, Gladys Cecelia Thomson (b.:21/22/3/19)
– Eric, b. 1915
– Alan, b. 1916
– Joan, b. 1918
d) Arthur Albert (b.26/5/1893, Forest Lodge, Sydney:d.4/11/1942, Camperdown) Wool Classer, m.21/11/1930, Ashfield, Sydney, Patricia Dorothy Scott (formerly Cronan)
– Jerome P, b. 1932
e) Alice Mary (b.17/11/1894:d.22/10/1895)
f) Minnie Isabelle (b.12/4/1897, Forest Lodge, Sydney:d.9/10/1944, Manly), m. 10/2/1921, Ashfield, Sydney, Reginald George Maguire
– son
– son
– Maureen F, b. 1928
– Barry J, b. 1931
– Peter R, b. 1937
g) John (b.25/11/1899 Ashfield, Sydney: d.?), moved and married in Scotland
h) Walter (b.14/3/1902:d.13/11/1902)
i) Florence (Flo) (b.12/11/1904 Ashfield, Sydney:d.18/9/1988, Sydney)
j) William Patrick (b.26/10/1905 Ashfield, Sydney:d.), m.24/6/1924, Ashfield, Thelma Lonergan

Notes on the life of Flo Dowling, nursing sister and missionary, in the town of Ceduna, South Australia. In 1919 the Anglican Church, in Sydney, formed a Bush Church Aid Society (BCA) to bring the news of God’s love, minister the sacraments and provide medical help when it was unavailable. The first BCA hospital was set up a mile and a half out of town until in 1931 a hospital was established on East Terrace which would replace the out of town location. The new hospital consisted of three wards plus a sterilizing room, a dining room and a kitchen. A small shed in the grounds was set up as the operating theatre and there was even a spare bedroom that doubled as a morgue. The staff lived in weatherboard rooms called The Barracks and matron’s office was a lean-to at the side of the house.

Having trained at St Vincent’s Sydney, Flo joined BCA on 1st December 1931 where she first served as assistant, within two years she became its Matron and remained in charge of the Ceduna base for more than 30 years and making it a total commitment of her life.

During her time at Ceduna she oversaw many changes. In the early days she knew what it meant to improvise. Modern equipment gradually came, bit by bit, to replace the old and inconvenient. Eventually she was the Matron-in-charge of all the nurses in Ceduna, Penong, Wudinna, Cook, Parcoola and Cooper Pedy. On the 19th January 1938, an areoplane was purchased and flown to Ceduna creating the Flying Medical Service. In 1968 the Royal Flying Doctor Service took over the aerial side of the work. In her time there was a staff of three doctors, two pilots, a radio operator and a technician, a pharmacist and twenty nursing sisters, and she worked closely with all of them.

On 1st February, 1937 a more modern hospital opened and Sister Dowling wrote; It is a splendid building, and we are very proud of it. In passing, we must add how grateful we are to the women of Adelaide who have volunteered to partly furnish the new Nursery for us. A Nursery! How we are going to appreciate having somewhere to put the cots and babies without having to pack them into our dining-room, bedrooms and kitchen!

She was extremely efficient and able to keep in the background, supporting the doctors. Her strength was evident in the long hours of work and travel. Spiritually keen, she was the means of faith in a number of people and encouraged others in their ministry. Flo Dowling modestly dismissed her enormous contribution as all in a day’s work. The Ceduna Council pressed her to receive an O.B.E. but she refused so they named one of most attractive foreshore streets in the town, Dowling Crescent in her honour.

She resigned on 30th June, 1963 to care for her sister, to whom she was faithfully devoted. On entering Mowll Village, her sight deteriorated and she passed away on 18th September, 1988, aged 83 years.

2. Francis ‘Frank’ Edward Dowling and Alice Caroline Cross see Nowland Family Tree for ancestry of Alice.

Jerome bought a property Cole-Lea in 1912 at Rowena, west of Moree in N.S.W. and Frank moved there to manage it for the family. The Cross family owned the neighboring property Ivanhoe and in 1915 Frank married the youngest Cross daughter Alice. In 1924 Cole-Lea was sold and the family moved back to Sydney.

Jerome financed Frank in a Land Ballot in Queensland in 1928 Frank won one of the Mt Cornish blocks at Muttaburra, (34,000 acres) which he named Rosebery Downs. Mt Cornish was part of the great Bowen Downs Station owned by the Scottish Australian Company and setting for the daring cattle robbery of Henry Redford on which the character Captain Starlight was loosely based. see notes on Rosebery Race Course and Land Ballot

The family arrived at Longreach by train from Sydney on New Years Day in 1929, where they lived for approximately 6 months until the homestead was built. Frank’s brother-in-law (see Nowland family history) Charles Harris oversaw the building works and had previously worked on Rosebery Race Course in Sydney.

The first 9,000 sheep were purchased for one pound each but over night with the onset of the depression they had dropped in value to 6 pence each and so began the long journey to recover debts for all on the land. The first couple of wool clips left by horse drawn wagon to the rail head at Longreach.

The children were initially home schooled until they attended Mt Carmel College at Charters Towers first Des and John in 1929, then Tony in 1932, and Jerry by 1935. Dorothy attended The Range College in Rockhampton. In 1942 The Mt Carmel College was taken over as a hospital for the Australian Army. With the financial situation deteriorating for the family on Rosebery. Frank wrote to the Principle, Mr Gettons, at Mt Carmel College informing him that the boys would have to be withdrawn from school, his response was short the money can wait but time can’t. So the boys stayed on at school with the owed fees accumulating.

In September 1939, Dorothy in another Land Ballot drew the property Rainsby (80,000 acres), 80 miles north east of Rosebery, it is interesting to note that with each Ballot it was customary to draw a second name in case the first was unable to take up the land. With Rainsby the second name drawn was Tony so the family were destined to take possession of this property.

The outbreak of War brought change for the entire family. Dorothy was given special exemption from living her 6 months of the year on Rainsby as she had stated her intention of joining the services as an ambulance driver. She went to Brisbane to enlist and also attend the wedding of Rose and Trevor Robinson. There she met and later married Jo Allen before he was sent to England to serve as a Sunderland Flying Boat Pilot. After their marriage Dorothy returned to Rosebery until Jo returned. On his return, he offered Dorothy a half share he had with his father in Dungowan at Augathella (South West Queensland), a sheep and cattle property. Frank arranged for his 5 sons to purchase Rainsby and trade under the Dowling Pastoral Company. By doing this Dorothy had the finance she needed to purchase the ½ share in Dungowan.

Des joined the Army as a Captain, John joined the RAAF as a doctor with the rack of Flight Lieutenant and Tony joined the RAAF wining his wings as a Fighter Pilot (Sergeant).

After the war Gerry was to become overseer and then manager of Rosebery, Tony went to manage Rainsby, Dorothy was on Dungowan and David joined the missions, Des and John had their professions, so all found their natural place.

For three years the shearing shed of Rosebery Downs hosted the Muttaburra Countryman’s Ball, with people coming from all over the country to attend.

Both Francis and Alice were active members of the local communities, helping so many along the way. Alice was an active member of the Country Women’s Association. Frank was a member of the Aramac Shire Council for many years [1936 – 1952], on the Longreach Hospital Board for Muttaburra and responsible for the building of the new hospital in 1957. He was also an active member of the Amateur Race Club as race Judge and the Graziers association, giving financial assistance and setting up the Dr Joe Arratta MBE Award.

In the early fifties Frank and Alice spent the summer months at the Coogee Bay Hotel, in Sydney. Their five sons, via the Dowling Pastoral Company, purchased 2 units in Beach Street Coogee for Frank and Alice to use until their death. The rent from one served as income and the units were named Rinken after a racehorse Frank owned (who won the Queensland Tattersalls Cup, Brisbane)

Most of the employees worked for the family for many years up until Rosebery Downs was sold in May 1962. Frank bought a new property Minnaville at Castlereagh near Sydney in 1960, which Tony went to manage. After building the property Rainsby from nothing the family finally sold in June 1968.

a) Dorothy (b.7/4/1916 Wee Waa, Northern N.S.W.,:d. 14/7/1996 Toowoomba, Queensland), m. 1940, Brisbane, Robert Cornelius Joseph (Joe) Allen (b.12/9/1916:d.6/1/1982 Toowoomba, Queensland)
b) Desmond Francis (b.18/1/1918 Wee Waa, Northern N.S.W.,:d.23/6/2006 Brisbane), m.6/8/1949, St John’s College, Therese Mansfield (b.12/2/1925:d.)
c) John Maxwell (b.26/7/1920 Wee Waa, Northern N.S.W.,:d.11/11/2003 Townsville), m. 24/9/1946, St John’s Chapel, Sydney University, Wilhelmina (Billy)Beatrice Kenny (b.31/5/1921:d.)
d) Anthony Jerome (b.22/4/1923 Wee Waa, Northern N.S.W.,:d.), m. 17/10/1944, Surry Hills, Sydney, Frances Hatswell (b.21/2/1924 Nanango, Queensland:d.23/2/1996 Culburra, N.S.W.)
e) Francis Gerald (b.21/9/1925 Waverley, Sydney:d.), m.16/11/1957 Brisbane, Mary Fox (b.12/3/1931:d)
f) David Arthur (b.6/6/1930 Muttaburra:d.24/9/2003 Canberra, A.C.T.), m. 12/9/1964 ?, Margaret Claire Sheales (b.?:d.)

2a) Dorothy Dowling and Joe Allen

I have little information so far on Dorothy and David except the following notes from Dad. The Allen family were from Spring Meadows in Dalby Queensland and had a property called Mitchell Downs and Joe had a brother Bill Allen. After Joe and Dorothy married Joe enlisted 14th August, 1942 and was stationed at Naramine for the first part of his training. Dorothy lived with him there before they moved to Bundaberg for a short time finally moving to Melbourne for Joe’s final training before being sent to England. Once Joe was deployed Dorothy returned to Rosebery Downs and stayed with her parents.

“Joe was discharged from the RAAF on 14 August 1945 and he and Dorothy went to live on Dungowan at Augathella. In 1954 Joe purchased Carrington on the western outskirts of Toowoomba with approximately 200 acres of land as it was more accessible to amenities. In 1979 Joe and Dorothy sold the Carrington home and built a beautiful home in Fletcher Street on the Range. In 1982 Joe died of lung cancer. Dorothy remained at Fletcher Street until her death in 1996.” [Source: Davida Allen]

Children & Grandchildren

I) Robert (b.1946, Muttaburra:) stillborn
II) Damian Robert (b.6/2/1948 Charleville:) unmarried, no children
III) Davida Frances (b.20/10/1951 Charleville, Queensland: d.), m. Michael Stanley Shera
i. Daughter 1973
ii. Sara (b.8/9/1975, Brisbane:)
iii. Anna (b.1/5/1980, Ipswich:)
iv. Josephine (b.7/5/1982, Ipswich:)

Davida is a well-known contemporary Australian Artist and has had numerous exhibitions of her work. She is represented in many Australian states, regional and private collections, as well as in notable overseas collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In 1986 Davida won the most prestigious art prize in the country, the Archibald Prize, for a portrait of her father-in-law (Dr John Arthur McKelvey Shera) watering the garden. Of the 218 entries, 26 were selected and the prize money was $20,000.

IV) Paula Therese (b.15/6/1954 Charleville:)Teacher working in Adult Education, m.26/5/1984, Melbourne, Kevin John Bain (b.2/10/1951, Melbourne)
Sean Joseph (b.26/4/1985 Melbourne) University Student International Studies
Peter Allen (b.20/2/1987 Melbourne)

2b. Desmond Francis and Therese Mansfield

Desmond (BVSc, BSc (Hons), PhD (Cambridge), DVSc (Syd), Emeritus Professor Uni of QLD) also a member of the Knights of Malta (see notes). In 1939 he was the first Queenslander to graduate from Vet Science at Sydney University during the war he was a Captain in the Army, serving as veterinary officer for the Northern Territory force. He was also a trained marksman. After the war, he completed his honours degree in science and physiology, being student president of St John’s College. He received a scholarship to complete his PhD from Cambridge University, which he did in less than two years. During that time he also excelled in sport winning 3 blues in cricket, rugby and tennis whist being President of Senior Hall at Cambridge. He completed a doctorate in Vet Science that pioneered new methods of animal reproductive technology. Upon his return to Australia he married Therese Mansfield (his little flower), whom he had met at a University dinner at the end of 1946, and joined the CSIRO. In 1961 he began work as Professor of Vet Science at the University of Queensland, published many academic articles and was awarded the position of Emeritus Professor.

He is remembered as an honest, kind, intelligent, and loving man who thought carefully about the world and saw beauty and mystery there. Des was also a devoted family man who was faithful to his friends and his God.

Notes: Knights of Malta The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, better know as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta or SMOM, is a Catholic order which claims national sovereignty at the United Nations. SMOM is considered to be the most direct successor to the medieval Knights of Hospitaller, also known as the Knights of Malta, and today operates as a largely religious, charitable and ceremonial organization.

The Knights Hospitaller is a tradition, which began as a Benedictine hospitaller religious order founded in Jerusalem, following the 1st Crusade around 1100, and soon became a Christian military order under its own charter, and was charged with the care and defense of pilgrims in the Holy Land. Following the loss of Christian Territory in the Holy Land, the Order operated from Rhodes, over which it was sovereign, and later from Malta as a vessel state under the King of Sicily.
Although the nation-state can be said to have come to an end following its ejection from Malta by Napoleon, the Medieval Order survived.

Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

I) Kimberly Francis (b.6/6/1950:d.), Accountant, unmarried
II) Sally Therese b.19/6/1952:d.6/10/1999), Teacher, m.23/4/1973 Ronald John Kollar (b.7/7/1951:d.), School Principal
– Rebecca Mary (Bec) (b.27/9/1974:d.), m. 22/3/2003, Timothy John Scott
i) Isabel Sally (b.9/6/2004)
ii) Jack Timothy (b.30/6/2006)
– Elizabeth Therese (Liz) (b.26/4/1976:d.), m.3/6/2000, David Patrick Greene
i) Claudia Sally (b.28/7/2003)
ii) Samuel Patrick (b.12/4/2005)
iii) Cormac Robert (b.28/8/2007)
– Rachel Margaret (3/8/1981:d.), m.20/4/2002, Philip Graham Beehag
i) Corey James (b.26/4/1997) stepson
ii) Matilda Grace (b.25/8/2007)
III) Jerome Desmond (b.19/2/1954:d.), Barrister, m.23/9/1978 Rosemary Anne Keily (b.31/1/1955:d.)
– Matthew Desmond (b.13/1/1981:d.), m. Dannah Allen
i) Zavier (30/4/2002)
ii) Jonah (16/12/2004)
– Catherine Marie (b.8/11/1983:d.), m. 30/6/2007, Ireland, Tom Court
– Kimberley Therese (b.15/3/1989:d.)
IV) Carolyn Loris (b.15/11/1955:d.), Solicitor, m.11/3/1978, David Peden Gardiner (b.8/9/1948:d.), Barrister
– Lachlan Peden (b.14/4/1984:d.)
– Duncan David (b.8/8/1986:d.)
– Alasdair Keith (b.8/1/1992:d.)
V) Mary-Therese Noelle (b.25/12/1959:d.), Business Management, m.28/2/1981, Mark John O’Hare (b.30/1/1959:d.) Accountant
– Jack Thaddeus (b.7/4/1992:d.)
– Harriet Shirley (b.7/4/1992:d.)
VI) Jonathan Joseph (Jon) (b.7/1/1962:d.), Accountant, unmarried
VII) Jennifer Alice (b.7/1/1962:d), Nurse, m.18/3/1995, Noel Rafter (b.8/1/1963:d.) Corporate Banker
– William (b.14/4/1997)
– Thomas (b.4/1/1999)
VIII) Andrew Gerard (b.1/10/1965:d.), Educational Research, m. Katie Fitzgerald
– Luke (b.20/12/2004)
– Anna Kate (b.1/6/2007)

2c. John Maxwell and Wilhelmina Kenny

John Maxwell was Dux of school in 1936 finishing his schooling at 16 years of age and graduating 19th in the state of Queensland. He followed his brother Des and studied Vet Science at St John’s College, Sydney University in 1937 and 38. Changed to medicine from 1939 to March 1943, when he became a resident at The Mater Hospital, Crows Nest. It was during his residency that he met his future bride Billy, a nurse at the Mater, and they married at St John’s Chapel, Sydney University in 1944. During the war he joined the RAAF as a doctor but was never called up due the shortage of doctors. John was a gifted surgeon and became Superintentendant at the Mater Hospital from August 16th 1945 to May, 1947. See Notes

John and Billy then moved to Gosford were they remained till 1966. After, in his roll with the Queensland Health Department, followed may moves throughout Queensland to include Atherton, Brisbane, Ingham, Ayr, Tully, Gladstone, Mt Isa, Nerang, Canungara, Toowoomba, Dalby, St George, Petre, Rockhampton, Mackay, Home Hill, Taroom, Innisfail, finally settling in Townsville in September 1996.

John is remembered by his family as a man who relished the idea of a new baby in the household, often disappearing from the surgery when there was a bath or feed time at home, as a man who would accept and support those he loved and those in need. A man with a dry sense of humour and of patience and dedication to his profession earning him a great deal of respect within the communities he served. A man of humility, intelligence and uncritical support for his family.

Notes: John was always very young looking and one interesting story involving John was the time when a troupe of entertainers visited the Mater during the war to boost moral among the patients there. John was seated in the front row and during the performance one of the troupe invited John up on stage and asked him what school do you go to, sunny, much to the shock and amusement of the staff attending, as the entertainer was addressing the hospital superintendent.

Another story about John was how he met Billy. She was the night nurse on duty when he came to the locked door and asked to be let in. Due to his boyish looks Billy did not believe him and refused to let him in, thinking it was just a prank. Eventually John convinced her that he was indeed a resident at the hospital and she let him in. The rest they say is history.

Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

I) Jane-Maree (b.18/7/1947 Gosford, N.S.W.:d.), m. 23/3/1974, Clayfield, Ray Miguel (widower with 1 child Simone from marriage to Margo Turner)
– Simone Angela (b.30/6/1968:d.), m. 19/9/1992, Gary Cook
Both are teachers children
i. Madeline (b.1995)
ii. Margot (b. 2000)
iii. Adam (b.2001)
– Alicia Louise (b.17/3/1977, Ingham), m. 27/8/2006, Christian Pearce
(Alicia is a Qantas Flight Attendant)
– Kathryn Jane (b.27/12/1979, Ingham)
II) Wilhelmina (b. 10/1949 stillborn)
III) Francis John (b.17/11/1950, Crowns Nest:d.), m. 26/4/1975, Brisbane, Jane Jennifer Tonkin
– Samantha Jane (b.15/1/1984, Townsville) Studying Vet Science
– Timothy Francis (b.13/1/1987, Townsville)
– John Peter (b.16/9/1988, Brisbane)
V) Judith Anne (b.24/3/1952, Crows Nest:d.), m. 5/5/1973, Brisbane, Denis Rabbitt
– Stephen (b.22/9/1976, Sydney)
– Neil Andrew (b.22/12/1978, Sydney)
– Joanna Louise (11/5/1981, Sydney)
– Alison (b.7/8/1985, Townsville)
VI) Gregory Mark (b.24/3/1952, Crows Nest:d.), not married, no children
VII) Bernard Paul (b.28/7/1954, Crown Nest:d.), m.22/9/1988, Mackay, Jacki Mckee divorced in 2005
– Jack (b.7/4/1996, Mackay)
– Harry (b.12/8/2000, Melbourne)
VIII) Louise Mary (b.1/10/1956, Crows Nest:d.), m. 28/9/1988, Ingham, Daryl Cunningham
– Anna Michelle (b.22/1/1996, Ingham)
IX) Gillian Anne (b.1/9/1958, Crows Nest:d.), m. 14/1/1984, Ingham, Larry Costabeber
– Maria Louise (b.1/8/1989, Mackay)
– Will Jonathan (b.3/2/1995, Mackay)

2d. Anthony Jerome Tony and Frances Hatswell

Anthony Tony was born at Wee Waa while the family were living at Cole-Lea and was 6 years old when the family arrived at Longreach. At the age of 8 when the older boys were preparing to leave for school, Tony asked his mother ‘Why can’t I go?’, to which his mother replied alright, you can go. Alice packed a bag with some of his things instructing him to use some of John’s old uniforms until new ones could be obtained for him from Lowes in Sydney. Frank would drive the boys to the river bridge where they would climb onto the top of Charlie Reed’s Bedford truck for the mail run from Muttaburra to Prairie (a trip of approximately 100 miles). The boys (aged 8, 12 and 14 years) would have to sit on top of the open, heavily loaded truck as it stopped to deliver the mail along the route which took all day. At Prairie they joined the train, which took them overnight to Charters Towers, from the train station it was a taxi to the school.

Like his brothers he was a keep sportsman being in the Cricket First XI, Rugby Seconds XV and was the Open Swimming Champion at Mt Carmel. He did his leaving in 1940 and returned to Rainsby to Jackaroo. On the books he earned 2 pounds a week but no money was actually paid to him at the time. In 1942 Tony traveled to Townville to see his friends the Goddards and while he was there on 11th March he enlisted in the RAAF. In August 1943 he became ill with pneumonia whilst training at Uranquinty, and upon discharge from hospital was given 6 days leave. After a written request from Frank and Alice this was extended for a further 9 days so after visiting his parents, Tony then went to Bundaberg to visit Dorothy and Joe, then to Sydney to see John, from there he went to Canberra to see some friends. Among the group of friends was a young lady by the name of Frances Hatswell, who had previously been engaged but had broken it off. The pair began corresponding and after Tony had returned to Sale in Victoria, Frances moved to Melbourne, working as a nurse at the Childrens Hospital. They would see each other in Melbourne whenever Tony had leave and were eventually married by Frances’ Uncle Father Leo Hatswell at Surry Hills, Melbourne 17th October 1944. After training on D.H. 82s, Wirraways and Ansons, Flight Sergeant Anthony Dowling was discharged from the RAAF on 23 June 1945.

From 1945 to 1957 the young couple lived on the Rainsby property for which Tony became manager. Their children born whilst at Rainsby were Peter, Christopher, Mary, Lorraine, Michael and Timothy. After the various trials of life in the outback it was decided that there would be a better future for the children elsewhere so the family moved to Sydney in January 1957. Tony secured a job as manager of a property owned by the mining family of Bill Clinton in Narellan. Summerset Park was a 1000 acre mixed farm with horses, dairy and pigs. The family remained there for about 18 months before moving to manage the new property at Castlereagh bought by Frank in 1960. Minnaville was a 230 acres property consisting of horse stud facilities either side of a 10 acre navel orange orchard and dairy. See Richardson & Wrench sale brochure.

The early 1960s was dominated by a credit squeeze and as a result Minnaville was subdivided and parts sold off to pay the bank. In 1964 Tony and Frances were able to purchase 50 acres at the rear of the property on the river for their family and occupied it continually until 29/10/1982 when it was sold to the Penrith Lakes Development Company. The contract included a clause allowing the family to lease the area back for 5 years @ $9,000 per year with an option for a further 5 years @$13,000 per annum. In 1972 Tony went back to night school to obtain his Higher School Certificate and began work at the Penrith branch of the Department of Social Security, where he stayed as registrar of Unemployment and Sickness Benefits until 1983.

It was a dream of Frances to one day live by the ocean, so after the sale of Minnaville a block of land was purchased at Culburra on the south coast just a short walk to the ocean. A modest home was built so Frances could listen to the sound of the waves and watch the dolphins frolic in the surf. A short time later Tony bought 50 acres on the ridge of Cambawarra mountain in the Kangaroo Valley which became known as Bimbadgen meaning: fine view. The Bimbadgen home was a family affair with the framework being put together by Chris in the shed at Minnaville and trucked on site. Tony was the owner/builder with all the electrical work was done by Tim and the other building requirements undertaken by various members of the family and Frank Ellis who had worked on the construction of the Culburra house.

Culburra was sold 10/7/1997 after Frances’ death and Tony moved to Bimbadgen until it too was sold, to his neighbour, in November 1999. Tony purchased a property at Kingscliff in far Northern N.S.W., moving in July 2000 and will remain there for the duration of his life.

Notes on Life in Outback Queensland
Background: During the late 1890s to 1902 most of inland Australia was gripped by drought. In Queensland, the 1902 drought was the culmination of eight years that were dry more often than not over most areas. These years had a devastating effect on stock numbers; sheep numbers fell from 91 million to 54 million, and cattle from 11.8 million to 7 million. For example the Property of Ulcambar usually carried 16,000 head but by the end of the drought had none left. Corinda, the property neighbouring Rainsby, had 80,000 head but when the drought broke only 4,000 head were left.

Extract from Aramac Shire Heritage Collection and Trail:
‘The 1920s were dry years with 1926 being the driest year ever recorded on Bowen Downs, 118 mm. The introduction of Motor transport, further reductions to the labour forces, dissatisfaction with Government regarding leases, and large land resumptions all meant that the whole nature of the district was changing as selectors took over from the huge holdings.

The 1930s were times of low prices, drought and depression.

During the 1940s, the British Government purchased the wool clip for the duration of the war and there was a shortage of material, labour and rain. In the late 1940s and early 1950s the Federal Government controlled export sales.

In the 1950s, there were better wool prices, better seasons, fly strike and lice. There was a shortage of labour, a flood and the shearer’s strike in 1956. The flood waters of the 1950s big rain moved as a body of water from Central Queensland all the way to Lake Eyre in South Australia, it was the first time in 100 years that the Lake was full. At Bowen Downs 1956 was the wettest year ever recorded 1,527 mm.’

Bert Wilson – Bert had a long association with the family coming to work at Rainsby as a kangaroo shooter in the early 1940s. He was then middle aged and a very accomplished bushman. Initially he came onto Rainsby and shoot up to 20 kangaroos a day, making his cull approximately 3,000 a year for the skins. He mostly used a motor cycle which he had set up with a sling across the handlebars as a gun rest. His time away from the property was spent with his sister in Brisbane. His brother-in-law, Ted Tanner, was a horse trainer and Bert used to spend all his earnings at the races.

As time went on he spent more time at Rainsby taking on more duties and becoming a much respected member of the extended family. In the early 1960s he went to Minnaville for a short time when he became ill and returned to Brisbane. He died of cancer shortly after.

Children , Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

I) Peter Francis – (b.2/11/1945, Muttaburra: d.)Business Owner, m. 18/1/1975, Melbourne, Therese Condon (b.20/10/1945 Melbourne:d.)
– Jacqueline (b.14/9/1978, Melbourne:d.) (Human Resource Manager), m. 29/1/2000, Melbourne, David Baillie (b.25/11/1975)(Lawyer/Accountant)
i. Charles Leo (b.18/8/2005)
ii. Thomas James (b.16/1/2007)
– Sophie (b.29/7/1980, Melbourne) Owner/Operator, Visual Merchandising Company
– Madeline (b.12/6/1983, Melbourne) Student Human Resources Management.
– Isobelle Claire Jones (b.14/1/1987) daughter of Therese’s sister, adopted when her mother died just after her birth (Arts Linguistics Student)
II) Christopher David (b.24/6/1947, Muttaburra: d.)Policeman (retired) Business Owner, m. 24/4/1971, Sydney, Lesley Anne Hamilton (b.10/3/1950:d.)
– James Hamilton (b.20/1/1972, Sydney) Studied Horticulture, currently pursuing musical career, not married
– Justin Michael (b.18/4/1973, Sydney) metal worker m(1) 5/12/1998, Sydney, Helen Adelaide Towndrow, m(2) 10/11/2006, USA, Susan Amulen Okalebo (b.30/8/1977, Kenya) Environmental Engineer
i. Jeramiah Michael (b.8/4/1999)
– Rebecca Maree (b.22/7/1975, Singleton) Bachelor of Arts, Ceramics ANU, Masters Ceramics/Teacher and Lecturer in Ceramics ANU, m. 8/6/2002, Cowra, William Bennett, a divorcee with three children (b.24/7/1964)
i. Karina Louise (b.8/8/1989 from previous marriage)
ii. Callum Kendell (b.8/4/1991 from previous marriage)
iii. James Sloan (b.18/10/1992 from previous marriage)
iv. Flynn Busby (b.18/12/2004)
v. Elliott Hamiltin (b.26/6/2006)
– Bernadette Frances (b.5/9/1979, Sydney) Degree in Music, Major in Composition, m. 23/8/2003, Murwillumbah, Jacob Cook Musician (b.1/8/1975)
i. Sebastian Joseph (b.20/6/2004)
ii. Aiden Isaac (b.13/6/2006)
– Michael Joseph (b.29/9/1982, Sydney) Diploma in Engineering Fabrication, Works in family business unmarried
– Damien Bernard (b.20/8/1984, Sydney) Builder, m. 20/5/2006, Murwillumbah, Alyson Morgan (b.15/8/1984) Secretary
– Louise Anne (b.15/1/1987, Sydney) Fashion Degree
III) Mary Carolyn (b.29/8/1949, Muttaburra: d.) Nurse, m. 23/2/1974, Penrith, Sydney, Geoff Carey (b.24/5/1946:d.) Business Manager
– Jeanette Elizabeth (b.10/12/1974, Canada), m. 25/8/2001, Sydney, Al Polachok (b.18/6/1967) IT Specialist family resides in Canada
i. Erin Carine (b.10/11/2005)
– Carolyn Maree (b.16/9/1976, Sydney) Costume Design Student, unmarried
– Christine Anne (b.18/7/1978, Sydney), Physiology Degree, m. 24/4/2001, Sydney, Matt Kocher (b.23/7/1977) Teacher
i. Baby due Feb 2007
– Anthony James (b.1/11/1980, Sydney) Warehousing, m. 25/11/2006, Sydney, Amanda Lee Murray, (b.29/8/1984) Sales)
Lorraine Mary (b.13/3/1951, Aramac:d.) Teacher/Nursery Owner, m. 30/9/1972, Sydney, John Ford divorced 9/3/1993
– Benjamin John (b.30/6/1973, Bega) Teacher, partner Anna Davies (b.9/3/1973) Teacher
i. Banjo Gordon (b.2/9/2006Bega)
– Kate Maree (b.27/11/1974 Bega) Degree in Arts Major in Photo Media & Paper Making – TAFE Teacher, Partner Johan Larsson (b.8/4/1970, Sweden) Furniture Designer
i. Jasmine Rose Ford (b.1/9/1993) with previous partner
ii. Maja Larsson (b.28/3/2004)
iii. Rubin Larsson (b.11/1/2006)
– Daniel Jerome (b.20/7/1976) – Chief
V) Michael Anthony (b.28/4/1954, Muttaburra: d.13/9/1955, Muttaburra) drowned
VI) Timothy Michael (b.7/4/1956, Muttaburra: d.) Electrical Engineer, m. 15/11/1980, Sydney, Helen Massey (b.2/3/1953:d.)
– Angela Maria Marcella (b.16/1/1982, Sydney) Business Studies Graduate, m. 2/2/2002, Sydney, Colum Firmager (b.25/9/1980), IT Specialist
i. Mikhail Vianney (b.25/11/2002)
ii. Anath Aquinas (b.11/5/2004)
iii. Callum More (b.10/1/2006)
VII) Camille Mary (b.22/6/1960, Sydney: d.) Nurse/Small Business Troubleshooter, m. 22/9/1979, Summer Hill, Charles John Svenson (b.16/2/1959) Microbiologist/Lecturer at University of NSW divorced 14/2/1987
– Monique Fane (b.5/9/1985, Darlinghurst) Architecture Student
VIII) Frances Mary (b.4/10/1965, Sydney: d.)Dietitian, m. 25/6/1986, Sydney, John Eriksson (b/20/10/1958, Sydney) IT Specialist
– Stephanie Anne (b.16/3/1987, Sydney) Film & Television Student
– Dominic Wilhelm (b.22/5/1989, Sydney) School Student
– Matthew John (b.4/1/1991, Sydney) School Student
– William Jerome (b.23/2/1996, Sydney) School Student
– Joshua Thomas (b.18/8/1999, Sydney) School Student

2e. Francis Gerald Gerry and Mary Fox

After being born in Waverley Hospital in 1925 Gerry arrived in Queensland at 3 years of age when the family moved to Longreach before taking over the property of Rosebery. Like his brothers he attended Mt Carmel College in Charters Towers until February 1942, when it was taken over as Hospital for the Australian Army. He then went to St Brendan’s College to finish the year. In 1943 he attended Gatton Agricultural College to do a short course in Sheep, Wool and Machines. Gerry was more of an athlete than a scholar, playing in the Firsts cricket and Tennis teams winning both the Anthony Trophy and the College Trophy. He also played inter school football and swam in the College team holding the 25 yard record for many years. In 1944, just 18 years old, Gerry started as a Jack-a-Roo on Rosebery Downs, after 3 years he became overseer then finally graduating to Manager at the age of 26, which he remained until its sale in 1962. Gerry kept up his involvement in sport as opening batsman and wicket keeper for the Rankin Country Club. He also played Tennis with the Rankin Club against Aramac and Barcaldine winning the under 18 years Championship and being runner up in the under 21s Central Queensland Championship at Longreach. Like his brother Des, Gerry was an excellent marksman, winning the Central Queensland and club championships for single and double barrel. He erected the Muttaburra Gun Club and was President for 3 years. He was a member of the Muttaburra Amateur Race Club, a tote steward then Vice President, organizing the Club Ball (1954-55-56). He was a member of the Aramac Shire Council (1958-1962), the United Graziers Association and Secretary of the Rural Fire Board, Muttaburra Branch. The 1954 flood was a devastating blow for Rosebery loosing around 20,000 pounds worth of sheep and wool. Following these setbacks and the death of his mother Alice in 1959 Rosebery Downs was sold in 1962, so Gerry and family went to live on Rainsby with Tony and Frances arriving in September 1962, staying until Rainsby was sold in June 1968.

Gerry moved his family to Rockhampton for the next 13 years working as a truck driver, then in 1981 the family moved to Brisbane where Gerry worked on the multi storey car park for the Mater Hospital, retiring in July 1991.

Gerry never took a dishonest sick day in his life and upon retiring was owed 3 1/2 months sick leave from the Mater project alone.

Children & Grandchildren

I) Michael Gerald (b.2/9/1958, Muttaburra: d.) RAAF (Retired) Proprietor of Swimming School, (Was awarded an O.A.M. in 1996 for services to the RAAF), m. 31/1/1982, Ipswich, Maree Ashthore Orbell (b.12/2/1960, Ipswich)
– Brendon Gary (b.19/8/1983, Ipswich)
– Tamera Lea (b.25/6/1985, Ipswich)
– Gerald Michael (b.1/1/1988, Wagga Wagga)
II) Gerald Patrick (b.24/1/1960, Muttaburra)Degree in Agriculture, m.28/9/1985, Bundara, Wendy Bishop
– Ellie Rose (b.3/7/1989, Emerald)
– Jack Grier (b.20/3/1992, Emerald)
– Tess Louise (b.31/1/1995, Emerald)
III) David Francis (b.6/3/1961, Brisbane)Navy Diver (retired) Project Manager in Oil Exploration, m. 8/11/85 Gymea, Sydney, Narelle Ann Williams (b.
– Christopher James (b.12/6/1988) School Student (Interested in Aviation)
– Nathan David (b.5/6/1992) School Student (Ballroom Dancer)
IV) Majella Alice (b.17/5/1962, Brisbane), m. 8/5/1993, Berkshire, England, Bryn Robert Grainger (b.26/5/1963, Abingdon, England)
– Benjamin John (b.7/3/1995, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
– Sally May (b.3/11/1996, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
V) Rosemary Anne (b.22/8/1963, Brisbane), m. 21/1/1993, Cabarita, NSW, Phillip James
– Kale Andrew (b.22/9/1994, Mullumbimby)
– Kye Phillip (b.5/11/1997, Mullumbimby)
– Sunny Rose (b.18.4.2000, Mullumbimby)

2f. David Arthur and Margaret Claire Sheales

Children & Grandchildren

I) Patrick Gerald (b.9/5/1966, Rockhampton), m. 29/4/1972, Darwin, N.T., Andrea Jane Seats
– Gabriel Christopher (b.26/4/2001, Murdoch, W.A.)
– Ashliegh Jane (b.31/5/2002, Murdoch, W.A.)
II) Richard Joseph (b.5/2/1968, Rockhampton), m. 11/9/1969, Collie, W.A., Jennifer Ellen Brooks
– Jake William (b.25/4/1996, Canberra A.C.T.)
– Eleanore Louise (b.27/1/1999, East Fremantle, W.A.)
– Amber Claire (b.9/2/2007, Subiaco, W.A.)
III) Kevin James (b.10/6/1969, Rockhampton), m.17/12/1992, Glasgow, Scotland, Yvonne Adair
– Calam Adair (b.31/12/2001, Canberra, A.C.T.)
– Nathain Caleb (b.30/12/2002, Canberra, A.C.T.)
IV) Christopher David (b.24/10/1972:d.11/12/1974) drowned

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