Celebrating Peace – A Longreach Leader Feature

MUTTABURRA celebrated in great spirit when the news of the surrender by Japan was announced.

Sports were held at the tennis court grounds on both days and the town and country people provided the afternoon tea.

A procession, which left the Memorial Hall, was largely attended.

Mr. Joe Wilson’s lorry led and was decorated with flowers and on the back was a piano played by Mrs. Charlie Egan with Mr. Eddie Childerly on the drums.

The young and the old people of the town joined in singing.

A ‘V’ for victory was made by Constable Wain and tied on the front of the lorry and other cars joined in with cans and buckets tied to their cars.

The procession paraded around the town and up to the hospital ground.

Sixteen old and young diggers marched in the lead of the procession.

A service was also held in the Memorial Hall at 11 o’clock on Thursday morning for the boys who would not return.

Addresses were made by Messrs. E.W. Bayliss and Frank Dowling. Dr. Arratta and Mr. Sid Gray of the R.S.S.A.I.L.A.

The singing of all the war songs continued until 12 o’clock.

A dance was held in the Memorial Hall on Wednesday night, also the big Victory Ball on Thursday night.

Supper was provided by the Aramac Shire Council.

Mr. George Cassmiatis handed around fireworks at the days’ sports and again at the night when Tojo, in effigy, was burnt in front of the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall.

Mr. Dick Egan (M.C.) thanked everyone for their help in making the sports and dances a great success.

A committee was formed to collect donations for the sports.

On Thursday night at the victory dance, Mr. Dick Egan handed ₤20 to the Returned Soldiers’ League to provide a welcome home dinner for the local boys on their return home.

Source: Extract from The Longreach Leader Friday, August 11, 1995