Forster, Forester

Daughter of David Alexander Foster and Sara Wilmott Williams, sister to Sescki Foster, Grandaughter to Joyce and Tom Foster (fathers side) and Barbra and Howard Williams (mothers side. Great Grandaughter Old Nan Farrier and Pop Farrier (Fathers side) to Amelia and Prime Wilmott (mothers side).

Family Origins

England, Scotland, Germany, Irish.

Variations on Surname

Forster, Forester.

Relationship to the Muttaburra Township

My family arrived in Muttaburra in 1988. My mother Sara Foster was the Director of nursing at the old hospital and my dad was the groundsman/Ambo officer. I went to the Muttaburra State school with Fiona, Joanne, Taomi, Holly, Quintin and many others our teacher was Mr Ross Brown. I remember riding my BMX with the other kids thinking life was great in Muttaburra I was so free!!! Free to roam without a care knowing that this tight knit community was safe and all the townspeople were there to watch out for each other. I remember the Hungies we enjoyed most weekends and the swims in our green public pool. The talent quests we all wanted to win. The little school that never whent over 15 kids. I think of Muttaburra often and the life long friends I made there I feel as though if I turned up tomorrow I would be welcomed by open arms and everyone would say "there's little Hanna" returned to remember her childhood memories.