Muttaburra Cemetery

If you stroll through the Muttaburra cemetery, you will have the history of the district dating back to 1885.

This Cemetery is set in natural surroundings. Most families that have contributed to the region have their roots here in Muttaburra. In the early days you will note that there are periods of months or even weeks were there may be numerous burials which will relate to an illness epidemic. The toughness of the early days and the people in Muttaburra are all told in this cemetery. There were deaths of fine young people from drowning, accidents and gunshot wounds as well as natural causes. All these tell the early story of the region.
There are numerous ‘bush graves’ too in the area. These graves may be where an accident occurred and the person was literally buried where they died. All too often there were children involved and one such case is Jesse Mary Lloyd who, in 1885, died from camp fire burns. At the time of the tragedy Jessie was only 11 years of age and her father was working as a fencer for Mount Cornish. This lonely gravesite out on the western downs country, miles from any habitation personifies the courage and fortitude shown by the early pioneers of the outback – forging a new life in a daunting land.

There is a pictorial record available of all headstones in the Muttaburra cemetery. For more information see the Cemetery Records section.