For King and Country

Across Australia in 1914, men from small towns and communities rushed to enlist to help Britain fight the ‘great war’ and Muttaburra was no exception. In World War 1 (1914-1918), Muttaburra had many veterans. Two brothers from the Rycen family enlisted but only one came home. Seven men lost their lives and many were wounded or gassed. Five of the men received the Military Medal while one also received the Military Cross.

In the 1930s, a hall was constructed as a memorial to the 1914-1918 veterans with the funds raised through public subscription. This Hall was destroyed by fire in the early 1980s. The new Hall, built in 1983, serves as a memorial to all veterans of Muttaburra and district.

In the Second World War (1939-1945), men from all walks of life enlisted from Muttaburra and the district, serving either in an overseas posting or in Australia. This included 6 women who served in various military encompassed units.

  • Korea: 6 veterans were in action in Korea at one time
  • Malaya: 1 Korean veteran served in action in the Malayan Emergency
  • Vietnam: 1 Korean veteran and 2 others served in Vietnam from the Muttaburra district

Adapted from text by Doug Langdon

The Muttaburra community has compiled a database of its war veterans since the First World War. You can search the war database here.