Edward Halman

Descendants of Edward HOLMAN

Generation No. 1

1. EDWARD HOLMAN was born Abt. 1760 in Stoke Albany Northampton England UK. He married ELIZABETH OGDAN 24 Oct 1779 in Stoke Albany Northampton England. She was born Abt. 1760 in Belton Rutland County England UK.

The Holman name originated in Cornwall, dating back thousands of years and translated from the Cornish language means “Stone On the Moor”. The Queen of England wears a lapel pin “H” and that stands for HOLMAN. In Germany the ancient name HOLEMANN is also a source of the name HOLMAN around the world.

IGI record Christening:
22 APR 1764 Paston, Northampton, England mother Mary. Farther Edward Holman.

Marriage: 24 Oct 1779, Stoke Albany Northampton England

2. i. WILLIAM HOLMAN, b. 21 Sep 1781, Stoke Albany, Northampton, England UK; d. Sep 1847, West London UK.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM HOLMAN (EDWARD) was born 21 Sep 1781 in Stoke Albany, Northampton, England UK, and died Sep 1847 in West London UK. He married MARY ANN BOXLEY Abt. 1808 in St. Giles In the Field Cripplegate England UK, daughter of THOMAS BOXLEY and JANE. She was born 29 Oct 1786 in St. Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England.

Possibly Mary Anne MILLER is spouse ?
1851 census South Hackney HO 107 1506
Aged 67 Head of house ? William dead? Married twice?

More About MARY ANN BOXLEY: Christening: 28 Dec 1786, Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England

More About WILLIAM HOLMAN and MARY BOXLEY: Marriage: Abt. 1808, St. Giles In the Field Cripplegate England UK

3. i. GEORGE BOXLEY HOLMAN, b. 04 Jun 1811, St. Pancras London UK; d. 06 May 1886, Hackney Greater London UK.
4. ii. ANN AGNES HOLMAN, b. 1814, St. Pancras London UK; d. 23 Jul 1895, Muttaburra Qld Australia.
5. iii. HENRY HOLMAN, b. Abt. 1816, St. Pancras London UK.
iv. WILLIAM DANIEL HOLMAN, b. 1816, St. Pancras London UK.

Generation No. 3

3. GEORGE BOXLEY HOLMAN (WILLIAM, EDWARD) was born 04 Jun 1811 in St. Pancras London UK, and died 06 May 1886 in Hackney Greater London UK. He married SARAH YOUNG 05 Mar 1837 in St. Marys Steps Exeter Devon UK, daughter of HENRY YOUNG and SARAH. She was born 1818 in Marlow Devonshire UK.

Notes for GEORGE BOXLEY HOLMAN: Christened 23-7-1811 Old Church St. Pancras London UK.
A Carpenter.
1851 Census Marylebone HO 107 1496 page 926
George Head 39 carpenter born St. Pancras Middlesex
Sarah wife 32 born Devonshire
Ann daughter 11 born St. Pancras Middlesex
George son 7 born St. Pancras Middlesex
Alfred son 2 born St. Pancras Middlesex

1861 Census record RG 9/132 St. Marys Islington Finsbury
4 Southampton Terrace. George 49 Carpenter, Sarah wife 42, George 19 Buttermans shopman, Alfred 12 Hatter.

Census 1871 St Pancras page 21
Number 5 Bidboro Street St Pancras Marylebone London.
George Holman Head 59 , Carpenter.
Sarah Wife 52
Alfred son unmarried 24 carpenter.

Page 146 of the Death Register for June Quarter 1886 UK
District of Hackney, volume 1 b, folio 245.
Lived at death 151 Nevill Road Stoke, Newington.

More About GEORGE BOXLEY HOLMAN: Burial: 10 Mar 1886, Abney Park Cemetery 078523 sect D05 index 3S06
Cause of Death: Senile decay and Low grade fever.

Notes for SARAH YOUNG: May have been baptised St. Sidwell Exeter Devon UK

More About GEORGE HOLMAN and SARAH YOUNG: Marriage: 05 Mar 1837, St. Marys Steps Exeter Devon UK

Children of GEORGE HOLMAN and SARAH YOUNG are:
i. ANN AGNES HOLMAN, b. 1838, Devonshire UK; d. 29 Dec 1899; m. WILLIAM PILE, 1849; d. Abt. 25 Mar 1911.

More About ANN AGNES HOLMAN: Burial: 02 Jan 1900, Abney Park Cemetery 100671 sect D05 index 4S10

More About WILLIAM PILE: Burial: 28 Mar 1911, Abney Park Cemetery 118206 sect D05 index 6S01

ii. GEORGE HOLMAN, b. 1842.

Notes for GEORGE HOLMAN: Buttermans Shopman. 1861 census RG 9-132 St Mary’s Islington

6. iii. ALFRED JAMES HOLMAN, b. 13 Sep 1848, Camden Middlesex England UK; d. 04 Jan 1885, Windsor NSW Australia.

4. ANN AGNES HOLMAN (WILLIAM, EDWARD) was born 1814 in St. Pancras London UK, and died 23 Jul 1895 in Muttaburra Qld Australia. She married JOHN CANN 28 Jul 1842 in Old Church St. Pancras London England UK, son of JOHN CANN and MARY. He died 12 Apr 1883 in Muttaburra Qld Australia.

Children of ANN HOLMAN and JOHN CANN are:
7. i. JOHN KENNEDY CANN, b. 14 Aug 1843, London England UK; d. 11 Feb 1895, in Australia.
8. ii. WILLIAM HENRY WALTER CANN, b. 13 Aug 1845, London England UK; d. 1920, Qld Australia.
iii. JANE MARY CANN, b. 22 Nov 1847, London England UK; m. GEORGE SMITH, 14 Apr 1869, Goulburn NSW Australia.

More About JANE MARY CANN: Christening: St. Pancras Church London England UK

More About GEORGE SMITH and JANE CANN: Marriage: 14 Apr 1869, Goulburn NSW Australia

iv. ANNE ADELAIDE CANN, b. 03 Sep 1850, Adelaide South Australia; m. THOMAS CONNORS, Sep, Goulburn NSW Australia.

More About THOMAS CONNORS and ANNE CANN: Marriage: Sep, Goulburn NSW Australia

v. MARY CHARLOTTE CANN, b. 11 Mar 1854, Richmond Victoria Australia; m. OSWIN JAMES HALL, 03 May 1876, Muttaburra Qld. Australia.

5. HENRY HOLMAN (WILLIAM, EDWARD) was born Abt. 1816 in St. Pancras London UK. He married LUCY A.. She was born Abt. 1832.

Painter and Plumber living 1850 census 3 Southampton Terrace St. Marys Islington Finsbury next door to George Boxley Holman at number 4. Also living with Henry was an Engineer, his wife and a house decorator.

Child of HENRY HOLMAN and LUCY A. is:
i. EMILY HOLMAN, b. Abt. 1845.

Generation No. 4

6. ALFRED JAMES HOLMAN (GEORGE BOXLEY, WILLIAM, EDWARD) was born 13 Sep 1848 in Camden Middlesex England UK, and died 04 Jan 1885 in Windsor NSW Australia. He married SOPHIA CUPITT 30 Nov 1876 in Orange NSW Australia, daughter of GEORGE CUPITT and SOPHIA UPTON. She was born 26 Mar 1845 in South Creek Windsor NSW Australia, and died 08 Mar 1932 in Windsor NSW Australia.

Alfred James Holman was a carpenter as was his father. He was born in Camden Town in the County of Middlesea and baptised at St. Pancras Old Church Denton Street London UK and migrated to Australia in 1871. He married Sophia Cupitt in Orange NSW in the Trinity Church Of England on 30th November 1876. He was aged 28. Their first child was stillborn and after the birth of their second child they moved from Orange to Windsor and moved into one of the houses on the Cupitt land in George Street. Alfred built additional houses and replaced those built by his father-in-law.
“Cupitt House” can be seen today as it is a coffee shop, last occupied by Hanora ” Nora” Cupitt nee McMahon an infants teacher who taught grade three at Windsor Primary and had Jack Holman and his son Robert and daughter Margaret as pupils.
Alfred continued to work as a carpenter in the Windsor district but contracted typhoid (OR Scarlet Fever) from contaminated foundations of a house he was demolishing in the town and died shortly after in 1855 aged 36. Sophia was left with three children 4 years and under to raise.
It is noted that a school boy who sold her a load of fire wood for 2/6 stole a grindstone valued at 2/-. George PLATT pleaded guilty in the local court and was imprisoned for 7 days.

More About ALFRED JAMES HOLMAN: Baptism: 05 Oct 1848, Old Church St. Pancras London
Burial: St. Matthews C of E Windsor. Cupitt family crypt with wife & daughter.
Cause of Death: Scarlet Fever

Notes for SOPHIA CUPITT: For the last 20 years of her life the widow Sophia lived with their daughter Annie Rutter nee Holman at Little Church Street Windsor.
She died aged 87.

Marriage Notes for ALFRED HOLMAN and SOPHIA CUPITT: Trinity Church of England Orange NSW.
Reg NSW 3024/1876 Inverell.

More About ALFRED HOLMAN and SOPHIA CUPITT: Marriage: 30 Nov 1876, Orange NSW Australia
Marriage date: Registered NSW 3824

i. STILLBORN HOLMAN, b. 13 Sep 1878, Orange NSW Australia; d. 13 Sep 1878, Orange NSW Australia.

9. ii. ANNIE AGNES HOLMAN, b. 17 Feb 1880, Orange NSW Australia; d. 07 Sep 1964, Windsor NSW Australia.
10. iii. ALFRED GEORGE HOLMAN, b. 24 Jan 1882, Windsor NSW Australia; d. 10 Jan 1953, 17 Hamilton Road Fairfield NSW Australia.
11. iv. WALTER BOXLEY HOLMAN, b. 29 Oct 1883, George Street Windsor NSW Australia Reg. 20350; d. 14 Sep 1949, Windsor NSW Australia.

7. JOHN KENNEDY CANN (ANN AGNES HOLMAN, WILLIAM, EDWARD) was born 14 Aug 1843 in London England UK, and died 11 Feb 1895 in Muttaburra Qld Australia. He married REBECCA OLIVIA MAY PERRY 26 Mar 1869 in St. Stephens Church Richmond Victoria Australia, daughter of THOMAS PERRY and SARAH JANE.

Notes for JOHN KENNEDY CANN: Coachman and blacksmith.

More About JOHN KENNEDY CANN: Christening: St. Pancras Church London England UK

Children of JOHN CANN and REBECCA PERRY are:
i. HARRY PERRY CANN, b. 24 Jan 1870, Blackwood Victoria Australia; m. SARAH ELEANOR HILL, Nov 1902, Simmoms Reef Blackwood Vic. Australia.

ii. HERBERT HOLMAN CANN, b. 05 May 1872, Richmond Victoria Australia; m. ELLEN PLEWS, 06 Jun 1899, St. Columbus Glenferrie UK.

iii. JOHN WILLIAM CANN, b. 08 Sep 1874, Blackwood Victoria Australia; m. GRACE SPINNER.
iv. LUCY MAY KINNEAR CANN, b. 06 Dec 1876, Blackwood Victoria Australia; m. ARNOLD NAOLL, 25 Apr 1905, All Saints Blackwood Vic. Australia.

v. EDWIN THOMAS CANN, b. 20 Oct 1878, Blackwood Victoria Australia; m. GRACE ETHEL HILL, 20 May 1903, All Saints Blackwood Vic..

vi. MARGARET SOPHIA CANN, b. 18 Apr 1881, Blackwood Victoria Australia; d. 26 Apr 1884, Blackwood Victoria Australia.

vii. ARTHUR GEORGE CANN, b. 25 Nov 1884, Blackwood Victoria Australia; m. MARGARET HARPER, 1908, Victoria Australia.

8. WILLIAM HENRY WALTER CANN (ANN AGNES HOLMAN, WILLIAM, EDWARD) was born 13 Aug 1845 in London England UK, and died 1920 in Qld Australia. He married JANET MATHER 13 Mar 1879 in Muttaburra Qld. Australia. WILLIAM HENRY WALTER CANN: Christening: St. Pancras Church London England UK

Notes for WILLIAM HENRY WALTER CANN: Butcher in Muttaburra Qld

i. JESSIE AGNES MARY CANN, b. 12 Oct 1882, Qld..

Notes for JESSIE AGNES MARY CANN: Birth 1882/C4291 Qld.

[Source: Robert HOLMAN (holmanrob@cirruscomms.com.au). For further information on any members of the family included here or future generations contact him.]

Relationship to Muttaburra

Ann Agnes Holman (WILLIAM, EDWARD) was born 1814 in St. Pancras London UK, and died 23 July 1895 in Muttaburra Qld Australia. She married JOHN CANN 28 Jul 1842. Mary Charlotte Cann married OSWIN JAMES HALL, on the 03 May 1876, Muttaburra Qld. Australia. William Henry Walter Cann was a Butcher in Muttaburra Qld